Hi Yogis,

Not much news this morning… I have been painting, doing, gardening (just a little) as usual.  I even had Sunday morning off for the first time since the beginning of the Covid Lockdowns more than 18 months ago – and it was GREAT.

ZOOM: Monday 6.30 Teacher Training.  Friday FREE yoga class, 6.45.  For both of these please send me an email and I will send you a zoom ID.
SATURDAY – art making class.  Tarot/Miniatures on Tea Bags, whatever you want to do… $50 for 4 classes
STUDIO:  Monday 1pm Yoga, Wednesday 5.30 –  Restorative Yoga, Friday 5.30 – yoga


THE ART CLASS:  Over the weekend I learned how to join my iPhone to my computer and share the zoom screen so you can see what I am doing up close.  This took quite a long time as I am a bit of a klutz tech wise, but I did it.  Zoom asked me if I “Trust” my computer.  What a silly question – of course I don’t, but I said “yes” and went ahead anyway.

CCP:  We are coming up to another course of  THE COMPASSIONATE COMPANIONS PROJECT.  It has been a wonderful course and was much more,  and deeper than I had expected when I set it out.  We have also made connections with Australia’s foremost Funeral Celebrants Association so, if after you graduate you want to be formally recognised as a celebrant you can register with them.  No further study required.

This terrific connection means you can take your wish to be the best Death Doula you can be, one step further.  You can even become a funeral celebrant for animals, even children’s small animals.  I think it is important to take even the death of a mouse seriously.  Death of even a tiny pet  is a child’s first introduction to death and we should make it less scary, and not pretend it hasn’t happened.  All parents do if they pretend, or disregard,  is close a child down, so that in the future they won’t talk about or share important things.  Death is important, and doesn’t have to be scary.

CCP’ERS:   DONT FORGET.  NO CCP ZOOM THIS TUESDAY.  This will allow our students to take time out to do their modules, and finish the course.

NOW WE ARE ON LOCK DOWN LITE – I look forward to seeing you on the mat.