Dear Yogis,

Yesterday I had a ZOOM MOMENT, as many of you have had.  You go to the site, click, click, click NOTHING.  The day before it was perfect.  Yesterday? Missing in action.   It took until yesterday evening but eventually the problem was solved.  Had to do with OS in the computer I was using.  Thank goodness I have a back-up computer (and technical help).  Thank you all for your patience.  We managed. It will happen again, we get better at dealing with it.

I apparently did make a mistake yesterday.  Teacher Training is on SUNDAY at 10am not Saturday.  This coming Sunday we will be starting an exploration of The Bhagavadgita. Please book your spot.  Go to DONATE at the bottom of the Home Page. Pay your $20 entry.  This will allow you to do the Sunday class, and the following Sunday repeat.



This is the start of the next session of three workshops ($35) TODAY WE WILL BE STARTING OUT ON A CHAKRA ADVENTURE… I have become inspired as I hope you will be.  I started out thinking I would paint the chakras, but no… what emerged was a design containing all of the known geometric forms, and containing the five platonic solids and geometric forms of all faiths.. all together, as one.  This is the form one would use to stabilise the core essence of a moment. My painting comprises thirteen circles of light with interconnected lines of energy. A symbol which perhaps has been used by many cultures. As with all such grids,  it is how you use it, how you bring the energies into being that is unique to you.  Think about it – what about the chakras, about energy,  inspires you?

In considering the chakras it is the same idea.  When we work with these forms we are moving beyond the existence of solid physical form – matter as we know it –  into the more spiritual dimensions of existence.

Working with these powerful forms,  you will begin to understand that they are common to all traditions, as is the understanding of the chakras, another inter-dimensional form. My interpretation of the grid which incorporates the chakras,  can be used in a meditation space, and as a crystal grid for clearing, energising and protecting.


I am sure you all know the chakras, but are you thinking of them as you do your daily practice? Or do you only notice when you become ill?  Do you have a way to work with the chakras, crystals and grid to bring them into your life, so they are no longer just an idea, but are real energies… you can see them, feel them, work with them?


Life becomes smoother, easier, inspirational when we understand the chakra system and how it operates.

No “ONE”  is perfect. The cleaning, clearing, and repairing of your chakras enables you to connect with the inside world (your inner physical body, and the nourishment of it for health and balance). This would also necessitate the checking of the outer circles of your auric field. Have you considered its color?  Is it bright or dingy? Are there rips or openings in it? Is it damaged in any way? What do you need to do to repair it? Not everyone can see the aura or the chakras to determine their health, and that is where certain tools come into play.  They are particular to each of us and how we work with energy. There is no “right” way – there is only YOUR WAY.  And no exam at the end!

In our TUESDAY EVENING CLASS we consider the chakras, and what they are – Eastern and Western ideas. In our TAROT TRAINING classes on a Saturday, we are particularly focussing on energy and using the pendulum, and in this way we can check the chakra energy for ourselves and others simply.   We can imprint the correct vibration into an area, clearing and repairing it.  The Medicine Wheel, the geometric form keeps our intention firm.  JOIN US.