Dear Yogis,

Sorry you weren’t able to join us for the repeat of the Purushatras.  Although the message was the same, the class was different, so it was a totally new time together.  It was so lovely.  So thank you to those people who came. You are the reason I do what I do.  You can never learn the philosophy enough, I know – I read the modules.

Next SATURDAY at 10am we are going to start an EPIC journey.  We are going to walk through the BHAGAVADGITA.  Can’t wait.

TOMORROW at the Tuesday Lecture at 7.30pm, I am going to start on the CHAKRAS.  I don’t know how far we will get, but it will be a worthwhile investigation.  We will even start thinking about the vibratory body.


YOUR ID’s: I will send you the zoom ID for the various sessions if you let me know you want to join.  Please open a folder on your desktop and put the zoom ID’s in it.  Last week people lost their ID’s (more than once). When I start the class I start the class..  I am always there 10 minutes before the start time, and if you are unsure about your entry or reception, please get on zoom BEFORE class and make sure everything is working.

YOUR FEES:  The classes have a charge.   Please keep track of your payments.  It’s easy.  I can check before start of each class, crossing you off a roster if that is what you want, but I would prefer to trust you to do the right thing.

If you have just joined the school, if you are a graduate or not.. Everyone pays for the classes they do.  It is the most economical way.  I can make a bulk charge for everything – but then you only win if you turn up every time.  If you can’t do a class you have booked for,  update me the day before.  If you are just absent, AWOL, it is your responsibility.

HOW TO PAY FOR CLASSES – Go to the DONATE button (on the bottom right hand side) on HOME page of our web site ( Click on the Donate Button (soon to be called PAYPAL button) and make a one-off payment of the required amount.  PayPal takes credit/debit cards and sends me the receipt when you pay.  Make sure you say what the payment is for when you enter the amount on PayPal..  We set this up to make it easy.

TEACHER TRAINING 1st and 3rd Sunday 10am – $20 each  2 hour classthe repeat FREE
RESTORATIVE YOGA CLASSES$75 for four classes. (Not unlimited, NOT per month), or you can pay the usual CLASS PASS fee of $185 for 10 classes.  It is up to you.
YOGA CAFE  – Fridays at 11am (all welcome) – FREE

TUESDAY WORKSHOPS – 7.30-9pm, $35 for 3 sessions

TAROT TRAINING – weekly Saturday training sessions $50 for 3
TAROT COURSE$157 for a three session course which includes a REVELATION TAROT DECK. Everything Tarot is in our shop on the web site.  It is under construction, but I am getting there.