Dear Yogis,

Last evening at our Tuesday Lectures, we talked about the chakras.  We know from reading that traditionally there are 88,000 chakras.  We know almost nothing about their energy.  Our knowledge is very “broad brush”, but when you meet someone who has worked on raising their vibration (although that may not have been their goal) you know it.  Take the Dalai Lama for instance.  When he walks into a theatre, or a cricket ground, the vibration across the entire space is changed.   Healing happens on many levels.

As you would know, last night’s exploration was wide – we only had 90 minutes. When we were thinking about higher vibrations, love, and how refining the energy and balancing our chakras changes lives, we also talked about “energy vampires” I am sure you have met them.  When you are near them you feel drained… they leave you depleted.  Time ran out without us considering the opposite very widely, we touched on it.  Ninety minutes isn’t much time for such an important subject.

Balancing the chakras thereby enhancing the energies around you is one of the major results of this work…  When this happens people want you around, and when you leave the room or the group you are with, they are also functioning on a higher vibration.  We work on ourself, because when we do this we are working on the world.  When we raise our vibration, we raise everyone’s vibration.

Apart from your experiences with the Dalai Lama, an example I could use is in the Bible.  The woman in the crowd who is suffering from “bleeding”, a terrible affliction at the time which will cut her out of normal society.  She would have been living in covid conditions for many years.  Isolation.  She goes to the meeting,  makes her way through to the front, and knows if she can touch the hem of Jesus’ robe she will be healed.  When she touches the robe He notices even in this big jostling crowd, and “feels the goodness go out of Him”.  He calls her out and they have a conversation.  Healing,  after many years of suffering  has happened in an instant.

This “goodness which goes out of Him” is the healing energies He has generated by the way he lives and works.  They are so defined, so precise that He knows when they have been accessed, even by a touch on the hem of his garment. Not so that He can stop people from being healed, but so that he can heal.   The vibrations, the energy will take care of the details.  If the energies are wrong, then healing won’t happen right away as it did in this case.  Healing at some level will happen in its own time.

The woman may have been praying before she decided to be healed in this way, she certainly would have been thinking about it, hoping that a change could happen. Wanting healing so badly that she was willing to face the consequences of bleeding, coming out of an imposed isolation, and being in a crowd of men.  She obviously believed that at some level healing could happen and had raised her vibration by her positive,  loving actions so that the healer’s energy allowed hers “in”, although she would not have thought about it in this way.  If her energy had been the same as those in the crowd, she would not have been able to access the Healer’s energy with a touch.

“To gain enlightenment, you must want it as much as a man whose head is held underwater wants air” – Zen saying.