Dear Yogis,

In Europe there is news coming out of strange cluster outbreaks of disease of “unknown origin”.  Hepatitis in young children, and brain disease in adults after a bout of covid.  We don’t have a crystal ball, but we know that taking herb teas (even more than pills and potions) can boost the health of the liver and the brain, increase immunity and head off infections.  Don’t wait until you have symptoms, start now.  I still use my hawthorn tea, and my morning coffee is loaded with goodies (apart from coffee) – I put in a scoop of turkey tail, two squirts of shilajit, and a tea bag of hawthorn herbal tea.  It is a magnificent energy/immune booster.

I am especially loving learning more about the herbs in my BRAIN TEA, and was especially grateful to discover that  seeds of Brahmi (Bacopa Monieri) are coming up in my garden – they are not ready to pick yet but look luscious.    I have such success with herbs in pots! I wish I had success with labels, as the snails denied access to the new herbs eat the names off the labels… they can completely destroy a label overnight which is very confusing when you are waiting the arrival of seedling you have never seen before.

Yesterdays NETTLE PANCAKES.  They are not photogenic although I could fool you with filters….they are not tidy although I could make them so – the flip side is more uniform, but I showed this side so you could see the green of the nettles.  They smell wonderful, and taste great.  Nettles are extraordinarily high in iron, and when popped in a lovely pancake,  it is so easy to get even healthier.  A small change can have big results.  Eat them with cheese and fruit, or drizzled with honey and a dollop of yoghurt.

The recipe was laid out for you in yesterday’s newsletter, check it.  It takes longer to type than to make.



EASTER MONDAY –   Yoga/zoom as Usual.

ZOOM: Mon.
6.30 Gita, Tues. Herb workshop 7.30, Friday 6.45 Tarot on holidays until 29th April.
STUDIO: Mon. 1pm (full), Wed. 1pm Restorative (full), Friday 1pm Hatha,  SATURDAY 1PM RESTORATIVE YOGA.
MONTHLY LUNCHEON:  Thursday 28TH APRIL at 12noon at “The Vic” in Woodend (If you are running a bit late, relax, it’s OK – drop in for dessert).

CONSULTATIONS: Tarot/Bach/Bowen or a combo – by appointment only.  $85 including remedy (including postage if zooming)
Past-Life (QHHT taught by Dolores Cannon) $250 via email or in the studio.  The reading includes Time, date, place of the prior life. To discuss,  email

(TANTRIC) HERBS – HERB BAGS.  $53.50 for 7.  Each bag will last at least 2 days steeping.  This includes a Bach Flower Essence given to complement the tea.  This is not a usual tea, it is a Herbal remedy taken as tea in a tea bag – I cannot emphasise enough how essential I believe these are for your well being.  I take them myself EVERY DAY, and feel fabulous.  I think over time we will all get some form of covid, but I believe my herbs will help me through.  If I send them to you add $6 for postage.

Please make a zoom consult ($85 for the zoom including your tea).  I would prefer to see you so we can be sure the teas will suit you and help you on your road to wellness. You can email if you don’t like zoom… and  YOU CAN ALWAYS DROP IN FOR HERBS TO ADD TO YOUR COLLECTION – DRIED, FRESH OR TO GROW…. Email me for your next step

”Every minute someone leaves this world behind. We are all in “the line” without knowing it.
We never know how many people are before us.

We can not move to the back of the line.
We can not step out of the line.
We can not avoid the line.
So while we wait in line –
Make moments count.
Make priorities.
Make the time.
Make your gifts known.
Make a nobody feel like a somebody.
Make your voice heard.
Make the small things big.
Make someone smile.
Make the change.
Make love.
Make up.
Make peace.
Make sure to tell your people they are loved.
Make sure to have no regrets.
Make sure you are ready.”

Source: Bill Whited