Dear Yogis,

Another 7 days of lockdown and as many newsletters as I can manage in the time.  Last time I did them every day – not sure I have the time for this, this time – we shall see.  I want to put more time into “The Angelic Oracle of Mary” and get organised for regular videos as I did last time with the Revelation Tarot.  My Guides and I are still writing the book.  I can’t speak about it until they dictate it to me.

TODAY WEDNESDAY : ZOOM YOGA CLASS AT 1PM (Hatha), and another ZOOM YOGA CLASS AT 5.30 (Restorative) 
The good thing is that there is no restriction as to numbers.  Anyone who wants to join in can, as long as they let me know so I can send an ID.  Details on the home page of

As I said to my class yesterday, I am being channelled this wonderful oracle.  I have waited for the “angelic” level of communication for some time, and right at the present it is coming quicker than I can type it.  The Angel Ghibril, Michael and my own Guide,  Nadoyan,  are front and centre, however from time to time there is a slight disagreement over spiritual dimensions, (which I view as “technicalities”), but the awkwardness doesn’t last long, and we plough ahead. I have brought an ancient pendulum out of retirement (and I am wearing it all the time)  so I can clear up any misunderstandings for myself.  Sometimes the discussion is just too esoteric.

I totally understand and feel very honoured,  that Ghibril  was the Angel who channeled the Qur’an to Mohammed, but thankfully we are not at that level of exactitude.  We are doing simple things.  I doubt that the world will stand still when the cards and book are completed.  There are only 18 cards at the present, so it won’t take all that long if I can just work hard – and put in the time – and don’t get overawed.  My Guides of course, are quite magnificent.  The painting to the right is one I did of Michael about 10 years ago.  You can’t see all the birds an animals in his cloak and under his wings.  I actually think it was a self portrait of Michael –  it was done quickly, channelled..

When the cards are completed I will get them printed but only 50.  They will be a BEAUTIFUL,  Limited Edition Set.  We will decide where to go from there.  As usual I will do a video presentation, and a Youtube course as I have done with the Revelation Tarot. Once I have got them sorted and done, I will try to do regular videos… mind you I am not good at “regular” although I managed with my REVELATION TAROT – I got into a routine..

Of course, I will do readings,  which by the time I do them I will be guided by Ghibril and Nadoyan, and maybe others – certainly Michael with whom I have been working for many years.  I am hoping that these cards will open the door to a greater depth of communication between Michael, Ghibril, Nadoyan and myself.  I have done the painting, I have made the cards, now I am hoping for ongoing communication.  It is up to me I think.  It is always up to us. Please email me any ANGELIC visitation you have had – I am very interested.    You know the email: 

It would seem to me as unlikely as “Donald Trump’s Angelic Vision”, but George Washington did have  a visitation by an Angel at Valley Forge.  It visited him three times and he noted it in his diaries.  The angel told him that there would be three great conflicts, and that after a time the United States of America (when it seemed that it would be eclipsed on the world stage), would emerge not only victorious but “would be a mighty power which would lead the world”.  This message gave the First future President of The United States the courage to carry on the battle. Churchill also was visited by angels and Generals long dead, and it was these visitations which kept him on course.  When everything around him seemed chaotic he had glimpsed the outcome.  History is full of these examples – write your own history. You only need to ask (and believe).

“Angels are spirits, but it is not because they are spirits that they are angels.  They become Angels when they are sent.  For the name “Angel” refers to their office, not their nature.  You ask the name of this nature, it is spirit; you ask the name of its office and it is that of an Angel,  which is a messenger”  – Saint Augustine.

At this time of the world I think Angels are most valuable and necessary.  Please take time to tune in to these wonderful guides, and please, email me any stories of visitations you (or your children) may have had.