Good Morning treasured students, graduates, and friends,

This Christmas…. give the gift of real change! To yourself and  perhaps to someone you love.

Do you know who you really are? Are you stuck? Are you ready to feel fulfilled in your life? To have meaning, purpose and genuine joy? To create lasting change? To feel unlimited and truly excited about living your life to the fullest?   Then it is time to Give The Gift of Change!

I am offering a huge, huge discount on my Past Life Process.   I have NEVER EVER done this before.  I am feeling really good… younger every day, and I am celebrating with you!!! 

This is the perfect gift to give to yourself and/or a person you care about. The perfect gift to give yourself as we complete the old year and get ready for a new beginning.  You don’t have to believe in past lives, or in reincarnation – you could be just curious.  You will not be taken into deep hypnosis.  

The rules of this sale are simple: The purchase and booking must be made by midnight on January 3rd, 2020, and must be taken before the 17th January 2020.  Both sessions must be taken by one person, neither is transferable.

The Gift of Change will be the most useful and loving gift you will give to yourself or a special “other”  this holiday season.

And don’t forget.  Teacher Training is tomorrow….  Thermomix gift making at 1.30 followed by teacher training at 2 to 4pm.  In Teacher Training we will be talking about Sciatica, (and fake sciatica), and we will be thinking about reincarnation and my investigations into “imprinting”.  This will blow your mind – it is wowing me! (Tomorrow may be the time to book your special Past Life Process – if you wait until our next Teacher Training in Feb., the offer will have finished….)


See you soon.