Don’t forget girls that yoga teacher training happens this Sunday.  

Normally between 2 and 4 THIS SUNDAY we have a special guest at 1.30 – Catherine Day from Thermomix.

I don’t have a thermomix, but those who do say they are fantastic, and Catherine is going to show us how the thermomix can mill grains, and make Christmas gifts.  This may give you some ideas for your own kitchens, especially at this time of the year.  I know that emails have pushed Christmas cards out, especially seeing actual cards cost $1 to send and $5 minimum to buy!  If you have 20 friends this may be a bridge too far – however, you may be able to make some lovely gifts  in glass jars or zip lock bags, beautifully labelled for the same cost.  Come along this Sunday and get some ideas!

Teacher Training as usual:  2pm to 4pm



WOW. What fantastic voyages I have been taken on.  Voyages into the future, voyages into the past.  Different planets, different beings – and you thought you were just a human in one life at a time!  Einstein said there were 12 layers of existence, and there are so many more than that.  He only dipped his toe in the water.  It is wonderful how lives overlap, how imprints happen, why people come back, what needs to be done… Dolores opened the door, and I am going through.  It is fascinating!

It took me a while to understand that when she found a good subject she worked with them over and over again.  For instance the book “The Keepers of the Garden” contains stories from one client she worked with over a period of time.  Not just once.  It takes a while for the client to get used to the process, and for the mind to get out of the way….   when it does it is wonderful.  Great healings can happen.  Those clients who have the patience to work with me over a time really get some insights.  However, insights, healings can happen in a flash.. a twinkling.  Try it!

I look forward to seeing you – in the new year I will be doing some group sessions.  A good introduction?

See you on Sunday – Speak to me then – or email me any time.  Email:

Namaste, Jahne