I am intrigued.  I am getting more and more clients in my sessions coming to us from the future. Less and less coming back from a past life. Why?  They say this is to heal and teach the world.  People who say they contain the universe and all that is.

They just exist, allowing what needs to happen to happen.  They come here to experience, to grow, to heal, and educate.  They understand that a spirit can inhabit anything, and that they are just another example of life no matter the form, bringing all matter back to the source, back to the LIGHT (…and God said let there be LIGHT and there was and it was good.)

If you are interested in this.  Maybe you feel like you have never fitted well with where you are, maybe you are one in the various “waves” coming into the planet to heal and to educate, to lift the spiritual vibrations.  Are you confused, stuck, feel your are not in the right place?  Maybe one of these sessions will show you who you are, why you are here, and what your life purpose is?

Make an appointment to come see me and experience this (sorry I have not worked out how to do it on-line) .  Each session is about 2 hours and costs $250.  I think I have said before, my teacher The Late Dolores Cannon’s appointment book on her death was booked 12 YEARS IN ADVANCE.    She was good.  She saw clearly – I hope I can walk in her footsteps.

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Have a great weekend.  Namaste Jahne