For the past half century I have been doing yoga, teaching yoga, looking after my clients and students with massage, past-life explorations and natural skin care,  often way before anyone was ever speaking about these subjects – and I am still here….  people are trying to kick me off my path – but I am unapologetic and still here…. I do what I can do.  Why? because (like my ancestors)  I CAN. 


THE GOOD OILS:   Always especially good, These are getting even “gooder”   I am working on a THREE STEP Regime with everything natural.  No chemicals.  It is what I use, and people always ask..  well here it is.

There is a natural CHAI exfoliator,  a cleansing oil and a moisturising oil.  Like cures like.  Please people.. just because coconut oil is good in a curry don’t imagine it will moisturise your skin.  It is easy, but it is not good – it doesn’t work.  It is ageing and drying.

My cleanser contains Castor oil, hemp oil and rose geranium oil.  My moisturiser contains Sweet Almond Oil, Castor oil, Hemp oil and a bonus oil (specially for your skin, not added until you order the oil) plus the medicinal Reishi Spore Oil.   For guys I add carrot oil – with this addition these oils are fantastic for the sensitive and troubled (and itchy) skin under a beard!

METHOD:  THIS SEEMS LENGTHY, BUT IT DOESN’T TAKE LONG WHEN YOU HAVE GOTTEN INTO THE WAY OF IT, AND THE RESULTS ARE FANTASTIC.  IT IS MY REGIME, AND I INVITE YOU TO TRY IT. People always comment on the condition of my skin, and considering I had deep deep acne in my teens, and now to be in my 70’s with few wrinkles and no scars is amazing.  It is not genetic I can assure you.   However, there are no guarantees.  What works, works.  Try it.  Email me, and we can discover the oil for you.

Cleansing Oil.  “Like cures Like”.   

Step 1 –  pour a little into the palms and then smooth over the face, wipe off grime and make up with a warm damp face washer or paper towel.  You can repeat this step if need be – if you have resistant make-up.  No soap, no hot water, no other cleanser – just this oil.

Step 2 – WEEKLY EXFOLIATE>  Now your face is clean, gently smooth on the CHAI exfoliator.  Gently massage into the face and neck (and the back of the hands) allowing all the wonderful chai oils to penetrate the skin.  If it is a bit dry for you, add some more cleansing oil.  You design the product for you.   Splash off using a paper towel or face washer to remove.  Your face is now clean and the pores are open….

Step 3 – smooth the cleansing  oil on again, and place a steamy (warm not boiling hot)  face washer over the face whilst you clean your teeth,  or tidy your nails, then remove the oil with the face washer and finish with a paper towel (gently).  Your skin will feel clean and hydrated.  You may or may not need the moisturiser daily – and don’t forget you have a NECK and a décolletage.   PLUS+++ I use drop every day on my hands….  and I exfoliate the hands more than the face.

Moisturiser – This is especially concentrated.  You may need it occasionally after the cleansing.  You may need one drop in the morning.  Even if you don’t use it on the face, use it on the neck…Usually the oil cleansing regime moisturises the skin sufficiently and doesn’t need to be repeated with the moisture oil.  Respond to the condition of the skin, not what the label says….

GUYS, ESPECIALLY GUYS WITH BEARDS:  Exactly the same regime except I make a special moisturiser with carrot oil, and encourage a gentle exfoliate every second day, massaging into the skin under the beard.

THE CHAI EXFOLIATOR>  I am working with Remy and Bonnie from Chambers in Woodend.  They are Chai experts, and the blend they use in-house I have discovered is so fragrant, soft and nourishing for the skin.  Fabulous use for a little used product.  Plants love it, skins do too.

AND WEAR A HAT.  Invest in a few.  My hat has a fan club, well I have about 10 hats..  People say “here comes THE HAT” because the hat is so well known.  Get one, you will be saving your face.

Contact me to have a regime that is designed for you.  Email:



I am taking more bookings for past life readings.  Can’t do them over the phone!!  They take 2 hours at least and cost $250

We used to always look at PAST lives, but interestingly I am getting quite a few people coming to me in session,  from the future.  They have no Karma, they are here to spiritually change the planet..  They don’t remember this in their daily lives, but when they know it to be true from a reading, their lives suddenly make sense.  Some have form, some are pure energy, some are here to heal, some are here to gather information for the Guardians.  Whatever their form was on the other side,  today they are here to teach, the heal, to restore..  in this way the planet will be helped to heal.

This re-birthing does not need to be in utero, it can be in childhood and in some cases in adulthood.  The person has a life changing experience, which allows them to access the “new Earth”, as the “old Earth” becomes lesser.  Clients sometimes can’t understand their body, their feelings, their depressions when logic tells them they should be happy.  Once they know they are time travellers, they can see their purpose and move forward with happiness.  We are told (as I have always told my yoga students) that the body is a self healing mechanism – it knows how to look after itself.

The more that I do this work, the more I am drawn to do more.  I so enjoy speaking with the all powerful subconscious which holds the answers to everything.  It has been amazing to grasp the idea that this me, this person designing oil, doing yoga, teaching, writing this newsletter is just a tiny part of the larger soul that has decided to duplicate itself in order to experience as much as possible.  I realise that I can never know the entirety of this Being as I would be totally overwhelmed (as Arjuna was in “The Gita” ).  Just the idea that “It Is”  is overwhelming enough.  Clients share with me their lives with form, and without, as humans or as aliens, all working to lift the planet…   The human race may get the message this time.  It seems they didn’t last time.

To book, please email me and let’s set the date – I am available even on weekends.  Email: