SINGING BOWL HEALING MEDITATION:  I have been asked to do this, and I think it will be helpful.  We live in stressful times.

In the classroom you will be lying down in a fully supported savasana, immersed in a sound space to best enjoy the uplifting and full sounds of the singing bowls.  The deep rhythmic structure of the sound-space creates for the client greater clarity and a feeling of security.  In this atmosphere it is possible to let tension and stress meet away, and a new order can emerge.

Documented experiences by clients show that this method of sound healing can be used for decreasing and even eliminating chronic pain and rehabilitation of neurological impairment, for example symptoms experienced after a stroke.

The times below are group meditations by donation, however, private times are also available.  $55 half an hour $85 an hour.

Tuesdays: The Studio, 11am

Sundays: The Studio at 9.15am

All class times: Click on “Classes” on the web page.



I am holding and exhibition of my paintings miniaturised and made into pendants.  Please come, all the work is for sale.  An early Easter present? Late Valentines Day?  When….Sunday afternoon, 24th February 2pm to 4pm.

Studio: 37 Morris Road.  Woodend.



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YOUTUBE CHANNEL: We now have a You Tube Channel. In order to get a direct link, we need 100 subscribers. Please google “Jahne Hope-William YouTube” have a look at the videos and subscribe IT IS FREE. The videos that are there are tarot, hypermobility, Yamas, purushatras. It is worthwhile – and the subject matter is growing… will include more philosophy, more meditation guidelines, more teacher training…..