We live in stressful times, often interpreted as “pain” and often arthritis and back pain..

Whilst lying on the mat in a supported corpse pose, you will be immersed in a sound space to enjoy the uplifting and full sounds of the singing bowls, experiencing the vibrations directly on and within the body.  The sensation is similar to a gentle massage leading quickly into deep physical and mental relaxation.  In this atmosphere it is possible to let go, and a new order can emerge.

Many documented experiences show that sound massage can be used for decreasing and even eliminating chronic pain, and the rehabilitation of neurological impairment – perhaps after suffering a stroke.

This sound massage positive self experience on the physical level enables you to get in contact with yourself, to open up emotionally, and is therefore an effective medium for the therapeutic process.  Especially valuable for deep relaxation and healing.

STUDIO GROUP SESSIONS (by donation):  Tuesdays 11am and Sunday 9.15am

PRIVATE SESSIONS: $55 half an hour $85 one hour ($50 extra if I travel to you)


Don’t forget “by donation” yoga session 1pm at The Uniting Church Woodend, after the 12noon free lunch. 


Have a wonderful day.  Namaste – Jahne