Students/Friends/Graduates…  a few notices.

Firstly.  When you get registered, you will notice that your certificates will come on a different paper.  The paper manufacturer that we have used for about 30 years has gone into liquidation.  The new owners have “reduced” the colours and stock, and unfortunately ours was dropped.  I have tried their replacement which I have to say was a very poor quality.  I have found a lovely paper, it is marbled, dark cream, and its the best i can do (and manufactured in Australia).  Sorry.  I know that some of you have displays of your certificates, and this will be a total change.  If you can find a replacement that is close to our original and present it to me, I certainly will change my mind about the paper I have chosen.

REGISTRATION:  Registration at student or graduate level is important – however there is no need for you to be registered with anyone else than us.  We are your lineage.  In the past it was an advantage to be registered with Yoga Australia because we got Health Rebates through them.  This is no longer the case with the larger funds.  For what it costs, it is hard to justify – your decision.

It is easier perhaps to make a decision now.  As we say in Yoga Philosophy – INTENTION is everything.

Registration with us supports your learning/teaching lineage.  Through me you go back to Margrit Segesman, and then further back to Shivananda (we believe), and on and on back to the beginnings of yoga.  It may not be a big deal to you, but you are part of OUR  Sangha.  It is important to honour your Sangha – every one of you is a big deal to me.  I live to teach you – that is all there is for me.  I am holding the space for you.

MODULES:  I am a teddy bear, but there are times when i ask you to do things you may not want to or like.  Especially when you send in modules which you have not taken down the paths I am trying to lead you.  People who don’t like to draw, who haven’t got time to do things properly, who scribble a module on paper scraps and photograph them as if it doesn’t matter…… or  When you have spent time trawling through Google and regurgitated “stuff” from someone who just looks good.  When you get upset when i point out that we have been speaking and writing for years to help you, and you have closed your eyes and gone elsewhere, as if “elsewhere” was better.  Everything has a reason – don’t get upset.  Read what i have written, take a big breath and do the module again, or email me asking how, or phone me for a chat.  I need to know,  and I am happy if you can change my mind with good argument.  When you increase your learning it blesses me.  Thank you.



Just a reminder that there is a PPT Workshop at The Studio on Sunday.  The details are to be found on EVENTS on our web site,   or on

This will be a breakthrough workshop, especially valuable for those people who have previously done a short course.  To be the best you can be, to really understand your power and skills, you need to be here.  We will have some absolutely genuine models in need of genuine healing to work on.

If you have not booked, there is still time.  email me at



Another function at The Studio on Sunday 24th February 2pm to 4pm.  I have been busy making pendants.  Miniaturising my artwork, and putting them under glass.  Could be the opportunity for an “late Valentines Day” gift.  Or a very early Easter..  you’d be neck and neck with Coles – they are already doing Easter!

Hope you like the pendants.  I have got some of them on ETSY ( and i will do more.  If you want a special image please let me know and i will make and box one especially for you.  Of course, if you come to the exhibition, the prices will be “way low” as they say in the States.


Have a lovely weekend.  Namaste.   JAHNE