Dear Yogis,

In this time of REST AND RENEWAL, plan for SELF IMPROVEMENT followed by GROWTH.  You didn’t think you would ever have the time – but thank you, the Universe has given it to us in spades.

Your checklist:

GOVERNMENT ASSISTANCE:  The government is busting its boilers to give us as much assistance as it can, because figures tell it that if we can weather the financial storm, then the September quarter financially will be like The Roaring 20’s.  But we have to pull in our belts somewhat until then.  Figures show us that during the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918 in the USA,  the States who recovered most successfully and the quickest were the States who had home-stay and masks imposed for longer. The UK didn’t do as well because Churchill used the chaos to take the opportunity to devalue the currency.

BANK ASSISTANCE:  Your bank wants you! Therefore they are doing everything they can to keep you.  If you want to renegotiate anything, now is the time.  If you are not a good negotiator, find one.  I personally have discovered a few errors in how we reported to the bank and the ATO and how they interpreted our figures.  This will make a huge difference going forward.  This is your chance to do the same.

READ/WATCH. FIND SOMEONE YOU ADMIRE AND COPY THEM – COMING FROM NOWHERE: Use this time to improve your game – or find your game. Don’t wish things were easier, wish you were better.  Those studies you have left hang, new courses you wanted to do, new directions you wanted to take?  Now is the time.  If you want to become a new and better you, then use this time to achieve it.

After I lost my house in the bushfires, I was able to ask “Who am I, who do I want to be?” The past had been burned away.  Right now, the past has been taken away from you, and you have the time (and community support – you are not alone in this)  to ask the same question ‘WHO AM I, AND WHO DO I WANT TO BE”.  Then you set about achieving that.  The great athlete Chris Evert said that most of her career was based on desire.  What about the swimmer Kieran Perkins who came from nowhere to win Gold.  I think you will find that almost everyone who has succeeded in their career will tell you the same.

The difference is that the Government and the Banks, and the schools will do everything to help you to lift your game.  Do courses, become a new person, improve your qualifications do what you have always wanted to do.  Use the time wisely, you may never have this situation again.

Statistics tell us, financial forecasts tell us (you don’t need a crystal ball)  that from late August and Early September onwards we are going to enter a period of great growth – just as happened after the Spanish Flu.  The government is investing big time (in the USA, trillions of dollars)  and when those returns start to roll in for big business, economies are going to go gang-busters…. I have used the term ROARING TWENTIES because these special times came AFTER the Spanish Flu.  There were hard times in the ‘forties for sure, but with hindsight, and the new you, we can be ready for anything!

Don’t wait until then to prepare – get ready NOW.  Are people going to need yoga? More than ever.   BE PREPARED TO EXPAND AND GROW. Be grateful for this wonderful opportunity.

“I WILL SEE YOU AT THE TOP”     Namaste.  Jahne