Just to remind you that TEACHER TRAINING SESSION is tomorrow – Cup Weekend or no.  As usual at the Studio between 2 and 4pm, Sunday 3rd November.    I look forward to seeing the usual fantastic group and some extras.  We are going to be discussing FOCUS, and STRUCTURAL DIFFICULTIES – herniated discs, sciatica and “fake sciatica”,  dowagers hump and derivations, and general neck and shoulder pain.


THE APOTHECARY- Don’t forget that when you come to the studio is a good time to pick up your Hemp oil, hemp seeds and hemp protein powder.  I also have some REISHI MUSHROOM SPORE OIL.  This is a fabulous oil and is reputed to be anti-aging (and reputed to clear acne), alleviates anxiety and depression.  I have just a few bottles left  $$35 for 10ml.  I am waiting on cordyceps powder – another fantastic Tibetan fungi and quite rare.  I am looking forward to stocking a mini-apothecary of rare oils and powders.  Things you won’t get elsewhere.  These oils are not cheap.  You can buy synthetic versions cheaper I am sure, but I am not going anywhere near them.  These will all be properly sourced.

PAST LIFE PROCESS – I am finding more and more clients are not going into the past for answers, they are going WAY,  WAY INTO THE FUTURE.  This is very interesting for me as well as for them of course.  They have come back here to deal with things they didn’t last time around.  I do Hypno-massage to help with anxiety, depression, and self healing, but Past Life Process is way more interesting…  My teacher the Late Dolores Cannon worked with each client over many sessions, and when it was past lives did lots of research – which is harder with future lives, but still may take more than one session to dig deeply into the issues.  Even one session gives you the possibility of recognising what you came here to achieve, and gives a deeper understanding of what this life is all about for you.

If you want to explore, it takes about 2 hours (maybe a bit more) and for the moment – pre Christmas –  is $250.  Clients are already booking into December, so please, book now. At the time of her death it was discovered that Dolores was booked 12 years into the future… but you don’t have to wait that long for an appointment with me.  A lovely Christmas present to self.  Email me to book:  yogafirst2@bigpond.com


Have a great weekend.  See you tomorrow…….

Namaste.  Jahne