Hi there Students and teachers…

I know you were hunting around for a Christmas present for me – well, put yourself out of the misery, I have decided…  I would like to have a super terrific class on January 6th.  No latecomers, no-one coming saying they didn’t know it was different AND THIS ONE WILL BE!  Put it in your diary as “Jahne’s Christmas Present

For the January Teacher Training we will be revisiting PPT MASSAGE in two parts as a part of the Hypermobility training.   The first part at 12.30 we will be looking at the beginnings of the Therapy.  The early teachings – THEN – for the second half, we will look at a fantastic next step,  “PPT-TOUCH“.  As in the December class, the cost for the two will be $30.  It will be a total of $50 if you want a certificate posted out to you.

PPT-TOUCH  is taking the therapy to the next step – working with the nervous system, releasing the standing waves in the nerve channels of the body.  We will start there.

*If you have done the Certificate Course on ETSY or in person with me and have done the exam previously (are qualified to deliver this therapy), you will be able to get an updated certificate after doing an exam which I will give you on the day to do at home and submit.

*If you have not done previous PPT work with me, and have not done the ETSY certificate course, then this will  be a special interest day – although you could do it back to front.  Do this teacher training day, and then do the ETSY Course, the exam and get the certificate.  

How do I use this in a yoga class?  For instance:  it sometimes occurs that a student who is hypermobile, or previously injured thinks they are straightening their leg when clearly they are not and can’t.  Using this technique in class, you will be able to alleviate the condition and get the student to straighten their leg without discussion, without interrupting the class flow, and without extensive massage or physio.  Intrigued?  It works.

I hope you are all logging in to our FREE video channel (Please subscribe – when I get 100 subscribers I will get a direct log in).  Google “Jahne Hope-Williams You Tube ” and it will get you there.  I am speaking about hypermobility for the next lot of videos (8 to go in this series I think).  PPT-TOUCH will be briefly covered in the series.


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Have a great week.

Namaste,  Jahne