Good afternoon –

I don’t know if i will be able to do another newsletter before we finish for the year (not that i will be “finished for the year”), and I just wanted to thank you all for you good wishes and support over the past year which has been a most interesting one – I think next year will be splendiferous to use a “poppinism”.    Our You Tube channel is doing wonderfully, and for my Christmas Present I would ask you all to subscribe.  When we get to 100 subscribers we get our own tag, and I think that is a worthwhile goal.  probably other goodies will be available -but to be able to go directly to the channel will be great.  At present Google “Jahne Hope-Williams YouTube” which will get you there.

I am still learning how to use all the features on the channel, but the analytics are great, and i can tell that HYPERMOBILITY is what is most often watched, and for the longest time.  So be sure we will do more of these.  I will now be loading them on a PLAYLIST, something I have learned about today!  Please, please SUBSCRIBE – it costs nothing, it is free, gratis….

Our classes finish on Saturday, the last being the 12.30pm Restorative (Remedial)  and we don’t begin again until Monday 7th HOWEVER, TEACHER TRAINING CLASS will be happening on Sunday the 6th.  the same as before.  12.30 to 2,  then 2 to 4.  We will be demonstrating PPT, and some new directions in PPT.  I have taken to calling our Restorative Yoga REMEDIAL YOGA, because Restorative is done so many ways, and like Yin, may not be helpful.. it says nothing to people – whereas REMEDIAL yoga is quite definite, and implies therapy right away.

Please visit the web site from time to time to see changes in class times.  I won’t be putting them in newsletters.  Ditto Registration reminders etc.

I look forward to meeting up with my trainee teachers in the new year.  Please come to class, and to teacher training sessions. A Merry Christmas and a joyous and safe new year to you one and all.


NAMASTE, Love and blessings from Jahne and everyone at The Australasian Yoga Institute.