Good morning Students and graduates,

I have been hard at it this morning (and up to 11.30pm at night)  fielding questions from students, student teachers and clients regarding their health, what’s next, and covid19.

Is this you too?  Are you connected to your tribe, fulfilled by your work even in these difficult times, and conscious…

Personally, I love this respite from the hurry, hurry.  It is not much different to the usual holiday hiatus, except that there are no massages, and no consultation, and no popping down the street for a coffee.   The days are quiet, and I am loving it.  I am busy.  Are you?

This is our opportunity to move from YOGA TEACHER, to TRUSTED YOGA ADVISOR.  Make it part of your plan, and lay the foundations for an even more fulfilling practice when this retreat time (home-stay) is over.  This too will pass.

The trick.  Keep to your old schedule even if you are not taking or doing classes, put something in its place.

Don’t get overwhelmed by the negative news.

Look in the mirror and do your affirmation.  Whatever it is, but along the lines of – “every day in every way I get better and better”.

You are a highly gifted yoga teacher.  Don’t turn off your gift, your intuition, and please, please, stand proud.


Need help?…. go to my blog and get some hints about how to do more with less.

Or my videos “Jahne Hope-Williams YouTube”


Keep well, and fit and warm….. Namaste, Jahne