A very good morning yogis,

I know you probably think I am crazy (or this confirms it), but I have this overflowing sense of JOY.  That everything is where it is should be, that all is right with the world.  If I had yoga classes this morning it would be HAPPY YOGA!

I am always positive, a “cup half full” not a “cup half empty” sort of person, but here we are in the middle of a something-or-other and I still feel the same,  even better.  Why, I just feel so healthy, so joyful, and I know that these feelings are everything I need to be the healthiest I can be.  That being HAPPY FOR NO GOOD REASON is the absolute best thing you can do for your immune system. What about you?

My regime?  I do have one.  I am looking after myself…

Morning Vitamins: Half an hour before breakfast.  1g Vitamin C, zinc, B, A, ginkgo, spirulina, D, Reishi, Olive leaf extract and my oil. (yes, all of these, but use your pendulum to discover how much you should take of each, and if you should take them in the same way every day – I use my pendulum all the time)

Breakfast: I am not all the hungry in the morning and it is my sinful meal.  I have either hemp oil, garlic and toast, or manuka honey and a slice of toast, and real coffee.

Mid morning.  A teaspoon of FAULDINGS magnesium in peanut butter. (start with half a teaspoon – it tastes awful).  Make sure it is FAULDINGS from the chemist, in a small blue box.  The package hasn’t changed in years.  It has NO additives.  It is not advertised as a “Bath Salts”. It is labelled “EPSOM SALTS – Magnesium Sulphate”. Start with half teaspoon MAX.  Even less until you get used to it.

Lunch: Reishi x 1 drop, Oak essence half an hour before lunch.   Lunch:  A salad,  followed by 1 G Vitamin C,

Dinner: Reishi x 1 drop, Oak essence, olive leaf extract  half an hour before dinner.  followed by steamed vegetable, rice or pasta or.. no dessert.

Before Bed:  1g of vitamin C, magnesium, yoghurt (home made). Olive leaf extract – I make my own.  It is very strong, and I only need a couple of drops.


There it is.  Hasn’t changed much, but it does change season to season, and I have added my Reishi Spore oil,  Olive Leaf extract, and essences.

By the way, remember to use TYOH OIL on you skin.  I am hearing more and more good reports about skin condition after using it.  It won’t happen in an instant, but will happen.

Keep your good food happening, keep up your vitamins.    This is a great opportunity to do your modules.

I am painting AN ANGEL A DAY.