Dear Yogis,

Where were you last nite at the herbalists workshop.  We learned everything walnuts (fermented in vodka, wine, as a savoury sauce, as a powder for ink and a tincture), remembering of course that walnuts contain a precious element – IODINE.  Fabulous against parasites and to rebalance the thyroid.  If you are recovering from radiation treatment then chances are you would have benefitted from knowing how you can use this wonderful ingredient, provided by nature.

To discover walnut wine and many other ferment recipes.. easy recipes you can make in no time from left over fruit or vegetables go to and click on “MAKING BOOZY HERBAL GINS, VODKAS AND WINES” and download this timely inexpensive Ebook.  

DON’T FORGET that walnuts (and acorns) are fabulous for making paint and ink.  Ink is the easiest.  I am making powders so that I can turn this powder into ink, or tincture or put in into food.  Maybe, as prices rise,(especially petrol), you may have to look around the garden to supply more of your needs.  I found when my kids were growing up they loved all the foraging and making we did.  To them it was a game, it was fun I enjoyed it, but I started because I wanted to save money by using what was around me….  I never stopped.

ZOOM: Tarot 6.45pm (This is a free class)
STUDIO: Wednesday and Friday 5.30

Thought for the Week

“The dreamer, the visionary, those who attune themselves to the infinite, the more often they receive the more infinite power, for those attunements that will bring into being those as of the realities of the UNSEEN forces being as COORDINANT in their activity, as the night follows the day, the moon sheds its light from the activity of the giver of light, the sun.”
Edgar Cayce reading 262-8