Dear Yogis,

Not much to report I think.  It has been a quiet (and quick) week.  Don’t know where the time has gone, but I am getting all done that I need to, the new furnace is working beautifully, I am eating well, I can be warm,  and feel great…so all good thus far.

ZOOM: Friday Tarot 6.45,  Sunday 10am CCP (The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying), Monday 6.30 Teacher Training..ALL WELCOME
STUDIO: Friday 5.30 (Vacancies in this class), Monday 1pm (full until the end of covid), Wednesday 5.30 Hatha.

Once the current covid restrictions are relaxed and we can have more in class, then I will let you know.  There is a vacancy in Friday nights class, and I am considering re-instating Wednesday Restorative at 1pm.  If you would like to join either of these classes please let me know. email me at


I am INSTAGRAM’ING.  True!  Like zoom I said I would not do it, but here I am , loading one of my little miniatures every evening..I try to do one a day, you have to if you want to learn more about the medium, and I do.  Painting on TeaBags might seem simple, but it isn’t.  First you have to get all of the leaves out of the tea bag which is a chore.  It would be easier to paint on the tea bags BEFORE I have used them, but then I would miss out on all the lovely stains… it would be boring, plus I just love to be able to say when people ask me what I am doing  ” I am busy ironing tea bags”.


THE LITTLE BLACK BOOK OF EVERYTHING.  I have expanded this to consider various aspects of Estate Planning.  Things you need to be aware of and alert your lawyer to.  If you understand the alternatives you have, then you can be prepared for whatever happens.  Of course the Little Black Book is essential for everyone.

When you tick all the boxes, fill-in all the blanks you will have a very comprehensive list of everything you would need to start life again after a crisis – yours or your partners.  I was motivated to write it because of the distress of students and clients who had suffered personal loss, and then had to deal with the  bureaucratic nightmare of banks and other institutions, and negotiate IT mazes.  If they had completed this book, they could have sailed through.

You can buy it very inexpensively to download on however, if you don’t want to go this route, I can do a bound copy for you but it will be more expensive, $57.25 which includes postage.

CAT STEVENS (Yusef) has just launched a childrens book featuring joyful illustrations and the timeless lyrics of the much-loved peace anthem released in 1971.  This hopeful picture book continues Stevens’s commitment to children’s education and shared love for people of all cultures and identities. Stevens invites readers to hop on the Peace Train and join its growing group of passengers who are all ready to travel together to a better world of peace and human understanding.

I wrote these lyrics more than fifty years ago, and I know the words still boom as true and loud today as they did in the 1970s,” says Stevens. “It’s incredible to see how Peter Reynolds has made the words jump into life in brilliant style for a new generation with his joysome illustrations.”

There is another childrens book by Stevens called “Teaser and the Firecat”.  I did have a copy but gave it away years ago.  I should have put in in the “book safe” as it is rare and valuable now.

Go to google to hear the song.


See you on the mat with The Cat.