Hi Yogis,

We have had sort of spring weather in the mornings, enough to cheer us up.  But here we are under-water again…. I hope you get warmth and sunshine where you are.

ZOOM: Friday 6.45 Tarot, Sunday 10am CCP, Monday 6.30 Teacher Training
STUDIO: Wednesday 5.30 Restorative, Friday 5.30 Hatha, Monday 1pm Hatha

With all the disturbances due to Covid I am calling off the sale I had planned for the 22nd.  I will still be open and available for visits between 2 and 4 if you would like to pop by – However, because we have covid requirements can you book to come and see me on that day? Please.  It is a nuisance.  I am setting my yoga room up in order to be a gallery (Two functions, as in the old days), and I would like to see you,  and you to see what I have been up to.  It should be ready by the time that the restrictions ease off September, October?  In time for Christmas anyway.

INSTAGRAM:  I now am on Instagram, (I would love it if you would follow me!) and am going to my magical web person at the end of the week to get tips and tricks so I can use it better. I think this will help.  You might think it is easy, but I don’t.  I want it to look beautiful and professional first go – and of course I understand this is a big ask.  I am a Capricorn and we barrel ahead.

The photo to the right is a copy of a Georgia O’Keefe painting on a Tea Bag.  It is symbolic of the shadow of the Catholic Church over the people of NewMexico.   I have always liked painting themes, but now, I just like painting whatever I want to TODAY, all the little images will just be different.  No themes.

THE MONDAY TEACHER TRAINING zoom session was fantastic.  So interesting, so inspired (thanks gang).  I would like all my zoom sessions to be as good as this one was… basically it is what I live for, why I do what I do!

MIND MEDICINE AUSTRALIA:  We in the yoga community are interested in learning more about how mind altering substances can be used as they were meant to be used – “To help and assist mankind” (-Shiva).  “MIND MEDICINE AUSTRALIA” is a group which is doing this and has a free webinar and a zoom course coming up.  If you want to know more, google them and explore the work they are doing. They are very active behind the scenes in the community.  They invite you to start a chapter in your town.  Think about it.  I think I will – we are half way there anyway.

Come to some zoom sessions – ours, MMA, anything to enhance your learning – you might feel zoomed-out (we all are feeling a bit like this), but come anyway.

I will see you on the mat.

Namaste – Jahne