Dear Yoga Zoomers –

As promised, a new newsletter in this a new week of lock-down (maybe the first of two weeks) expected to end at midnite on Thursday the 2nd September.  So, two weeks of zooming.  It could end before then depending on numbers of new infections in Shepparton – or it could end later.  Who knows.

ZOOM YOGA CLASSES:  Monday 1pm Hatha Yoga, Wednesday 5.30 Restorative, Friday 5.30 Hatha or Restorative depending on who comes to class – it seems to be lurching towards restorative.

ZOOM STUDY:  Monday 6.30 Free Yoga teacher Training.  Come to this with an open mind – it is a stunning class, but anything could happen.  Tuesday CCP Repeat or Module 4 Depending on who comes to class.  Fridays Free Tarot Class, 6.45. SUNDAYS 10AM CCP, and a new class CCP DEATH CAFE 5pm.  



I invited you to my DEATH CAFE.  A place where we could talk about death, fear of death etc.  I put out a call on MEET-UP and I had my first group yesterday (Sunday at 5pm).  Kate in Benalla, one of our Trainee teachers, and CCP, is starting her own also, but a much more dedicated and professional group with break out groups etc…  I will let you know when she has an ID I can send to you.  If you want to come to mine you can do it through CCP DEATH CAFE MEET-UP or I can send you an ID.



I make every effort to do a painting a day.  I haven’t had a minute to myself today, but it is only 6.30 and I might be able to do a painting in the time left…  I have included a photo here of the bags waiting for attention.  I have since washed and ironed them – yes, washing and ironing is part of the prep.



It’s not just people that are feeling the pressure, the energy of my house is taking a beating too.  About 10-12 years ago I put new appliances into the home believing hat they would last forever, but of course they never do, and they are all wearing out together! First the wall furnace which has now been replaced and is working beautifully,  then the fridge had a hiccup.  Its a side-by-side, but ancient, and I was thinking of replacing it, but when I learned that the newer ones use 30% more electricity, and we run them 24/7, I decided to keep it until it literally refuses to respond to any more fixes.

Then the other morning the cat came to see me and she had wet feet, and looking for the source,  I was met with water as I entered the laundry. I discovered my washing machine hoses had deteriorated beyond the point of no return.  Thank goodness for my lovely plumber – Guy of New Gisborne Plumbing.  I turned off the water and thought that he would come “soon”, but he came the same day, armed with stainless steel hoses.  The picture on the left might not look attractive to you but it looks like heaven to me.  New stainless steel hoses – not the plastic/rubber held in place with chewing gum stuff I had been managing with.  Heavenly.  No water on the floor.


Next is what it has been throughout zoom, but I am learning new zoom skills.  I always am a little worried when I log on, but I am getting more confident as I learn more.  I haven’t forgotten basic skills about life I learned early on – especially to do with money – For instance, when you have $90, you save $30 Spend $30 on essentials or paying bills, and you spend the last $30 on increasing your skills or potential (which might mean giving it away).  That is the equation I have lived by for a long time.

One of the skills have,  I learned from Dolores Cannon in person.  I learned QHHT – past life regression her way, which includes tapping into the subconscious.  Very interesting stuff, and I am increasingly doing it via zoom.  I love it best with a person in the room, but it is not impossible with zoom.  I can do a short version where we can explore the past which can be enlightening, but a full session, even on zoom takes time. About 2 hours.



Namaste – Jahne