Dear Yogis,

Thank you to those who missed the Friday newsletter and contacted me – even came to see me and make sure all was well.  I was working, having fun, and for the very first time, the newsletter day just flew past and I didn’t do one.  You can relax, I am well, and I really appreciate that you are checking.

DON’T FORGET.  The new term has begun – for those who are paying by the term, please PayPal me as usual.  The same applies for those who have forgotten to re-register their yoga teaching membership with us.  If you are wanting to bring yourself up to date, email and i will send your forms to you.  It is this yearly membership which makes the difference.  I am sure you have noticed that Yoga Australia has increased it fees for membership and increased the requirements… getting a 500 qualification with them is almost a doctorate!  You can still get it with us.

AMISH POCKET DOLL.  I made this yesterday.  It is so good to make something in one day.  Think it, make it, finish it (all by hand – no machine).  I am going to make more – this is only my first.  It would be a good Christmas holiday project for young sewers. WHY DO AMISH DOLLS HAVE NO FACES?  Some Amish children have wrapped blankets around small logs and pretended they were dolls when they were not allowed to have a doll. A sociological study from 2007 says that the dolls are left faceless because “all are alike in the eyes of God“, and that the lack of facial features agrees with the Bible’s commandment against graven images.  I like it because you can imagine the faces, and ascribe the emotions to what you feel, rather than what you see.

RUNES – I have always been fascinated by divination, and the Runes are certainly one of the oldest Celtic/Nordic casting aids, and spoken about in the works of Tolkien.  I have made my own tarot cards and now will make runes.  Years ago I made Rune Cards, and I gave away my crystal runes, because I like making my own whichever method I use.  I like using Moon rituals when making runes, and will have some finished by Christmas.  Pre orders will get assured orders, if you are just winging it and not committing, well that could be difficult – there is only one of me, and I am doing this by “the light of the moon”.  Remember they will be heavier because I will be making in clay – they feel good in the hand, and move across the board easier.



If your treasured items need re-imagining and mending, come see me – please make an appointment first.. I am pretty well booked until the end of October (unless you are a regular who needs a skirt/pants tweaked), so keep that in mind. SEWING BEE SUNDAY AT 2.30 at my studio, 37 Morris Road, Woodend.  I will be working on another quilt.

A note to quilt owners.  If you have a cherished quilt, please check it regularly for wear and tear especially along all the seams.  Once they get to a certain stage they are a lifetime’s work just keeping them intact.  If yours was a gift to others, it does take away the need to worry about christmas gifts, because there will always be repairs needed on the quilt.



Windarring Yoga –  Tues. x 2 +Thurs. x 1. (some Fridays)

STUDIO YOGA WOODEND: Monday Hatha 1pm (full) 2.15 Wed. Restorative 1pm.  

TAROT READINGS AT THE STUDIO – Look forward to hearing from you.  You can even come on the weekends, and I can do “doubles” – you and mum, maybe you and a friend.

THE YOGA LUNCHEON:  As always the last Saturday in the month.  The next at 12noon the 28th October – PUT IT IN YOUR DIARY NOW.. I have booked for us to go to  The Full Moon in Woodend.  Warm, “homey” and great food. I love the Nachos – with chicken – with prawns – vegan, or Mexican.  Any of them are great.


STEAM PUNK PARADE – this is still on the drawing board and we are in discussions with the Full Moon Saloon.  I want to include young designers, sponsor a prize for a new talent, and perhaps morph into a Sewing Bee style competition..  Watch this space and keep on stitching!!!!

SEE YOU IN THE STUDIO (and at the yoga lunch at the end of the month)