Dear Yogis,

Before I jumping to money saving ideas, I am hoping to remind you that those who pay for their yoga classes by the term, or who are due for registration, do a quick catch up.  If you have missed a few classes remember if you pay by the term you are ahead,  because you get the holidays without charge to make up for any time you are not able to come (which is usually the case).

If your teacher training registration has lapsed, please catch up with that.  Those Institutes who have consistently charged less for regos are gradually closing – it costs money to be here for you.  Then Yoga Australia which has increased registration for teachers, and increased training requirements are well ahead of the game.  We come about mid-way.  Not as expensive at YA, and not so cheap we can’t keep afloat.  Please keep up your membership – we provided the way that enabled you to be the yoga teacher you have become.


Although we have made our way through the covid crisis, another food/price crisis is here.  As food prices rise weekly and more people struggle just to put food on the table I wanted to share another recipe that I make to stock my pantry, save money, and make healthier foods — using real food ingredients, without chemicals and additives.   Although I am “famous” for my coconut cookies with 2 ingredients, this CREAM SOUP recipe is very easy too.  

From time to time I stock up by making a large batch of dry cream soup mixes to stock my pantry.  I used to make these mixes regularly when my children were young but I haven’t done a large batch since I realised i was sensitive  to wheat in 2015.  I haven’t bought canned soup in 20+ years, and I had forgotten how easy it was to make dry cream soup base and use it to make fresh soups and sauces when the pantry is looking a bit low, saving both money and time.  With summer on the way the garden is blooming, and gathering greens (and the jerusalem artichokes in the pic to the left) and adding some of my soup powder can wizard up a great meal for almost nothing.  In supermarkets, Soup even in cans is rising in price and for the gluten free variety you may be forking out $5 or $6 for a can with two small serves.

My advice – make your own, it is so easy and you can change it by making small additions whilst you are making it, or in the cooking.   I can make large jars of this dried cream soup mix in less than an hour.  Each large jar will make the equivalent of 8 cans of soup for a few cents per bowl.


Ingredients:  *1 cup skim milk powder * 1  1/2 cups all-purpose flour or gluten-free flour blend *  1 tablespoon onion powder * 2 tablespoons bullion powder (Beef, chicken or vegetarian)* 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg, freshly grated

Directions:   Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl.  2. Whisk them together to blend. 3. Add any additions .  Package in a glass jar with a tight fitting lid. THE END – DONE!!!
To use:   Add 1/2 cup of the mix to a saucepan with 2 cups of water.  Simmer over medium heat, whisking constantly until the mixture thickens, about 5 minutes.  Serve.  OR use in your recipe in the place of one can of cream soup.

Now the fun part:
Add one of the following to the basic mix to make your favourite dried soup blends, before you cook (they are all to taste, you can add more or less).  You can add powdered or dried herbs to the mix before storing, or leave it plain and add vegetables when you cook.  Steam the vegetables before you add the mix….
  • For Cream of Mushroom Soup: Add 1/4 cup diced or a tablespoon of dried mushroom.
  • For Cream of Chicken Soup: Add 1/4 to 1/2 cup finely chopped chicken pieces or vegan dried chicken flakes.
  • For Cream of Celery Soup: Add 1 tablespoon finely chopped celery sticks.
  • For Creamy tomato soup:  Add 1/2 cup tomato powder or a tablespoon of tomato paste
  • For Cream of Potato Soup: Add 1/2 cup instant mash potatoes
  • For Pumpkin Bisque: Add 1/2 cup dried pumpkin pieces, or microwaved pumpkin to taste 
  • For Creamy Cheese soup: Add 1/2 cup cheese  (or make cheese powder to add – Blend freeze dried cheese with 1 tablespoon tapioca starch to make the powdered cheese)

I can make about 6 large jars of the dry soup mix in no time at all, and did during covid..   That’s the equivalent of 48 cans of cream soup. What are you doing to save money?


TAROT -The Seven of Pentacles (RW).

I pick a card from the deck every day (sometimes Rider Waite, sometimes Revelation) and I love this one.  The Seven of Pentacles has appeared today to encourage me to take my time, be meticulous and don’t rush. Whatever I am working on in has reached a stage where all I can do is wait for the time to be right. Harvesting too soon can reduce the yield or even ruin the entire project. If you have made it this far, you can be patient just a little bit longer. Patience, Patience…..   Hold out just a little bit longer.  Success is just around the corner.

These are questions i ask myself on choosing this card.   I am close to harvest, so where am I gardening?  Is it a project, a hobby, or some other activity? How far have you progressed in terms of your objectives and accomplishments? Right now, whilst I am waiting, is the time to congratulate myself for the distance I have come, and to sit quietly and know that all is well.



If your treasured items need re-imagining and mending, come see me – please make an appointment first.. I am pretty well booked until the end of October (unless you are a regular who needs a skirt/pants tweaked), so keep that in mind. SEWING BEE SUNDAY AT 2.30 at my studio, 37 Morris Road, Woodend.  I will be working on another quilt.

A note to quilt owners.  If you have a cherished quilt, please check it regularly for wear and tear especially along all the seams.  Once they get to a certain stage they are a lifetime’s work just keeping them intact.  If yours was a gift to others, it does take away the need to worry about christmas gifts, because there will always be repairs needed on the quilt (like the silk patchwork to the left).


Windarring Yoga –  Tues. x 2 +Thurs. x 1. (some Fridays)

STUDIO YOGA WOODEND: Monday Hatha 1pm (full) 2.15 Wed. Restorative 1pm.  

TAROT READINGS AT THE STUDIO – Look forward to hearing from you.  You can even come on the weekends, and I can do “doubles” – you and mum, maybe you and a friend. BRAILLE Tarot deck and usb – a course on tarot reading for the blind is on the way…

THE YOGA LUNCHEON:  As always the last Saturday in the month.  The next at 12noon the 28th October – PUT IT IN YOUR DIARY NOW.. I have booked for us to go to  The Full Moon in Woodend.  Warm, “homey” and great food. I love the Nachos – with chicken – with prawns – vegan, or Mexican.  Any of them are great.

SEE YOU IN THE STUDIO (and at the yoga lunch at the end of the month)