Dear Yogis,

What amazing weather.  Snow, high winds (ripped the lid on my council bin off) and generally Woodend Winter Weather.  I contacted the council and they said I will have to wait two weeks for a replacement!  The firm that picks up the rubbish (which they couldn’t do this morning) deliver the bins… so I will just have to figure something out in the meanwhile – ask the neighbours?

WHAT HAPPENS TO THE HEART. by Leonard Cohen.     I sent this to a few students, and the feed- back I got was interesting.  One student was worried in case I had been hacked and advised me to change my password! No I wasn’t hacked,   I was asked to choose a piece of modern music which spoke about me, which said something to me,  about me.  It was an unusual request, and this is the piece that I chose.  If you watch it, watch it right to the very end, if you don’t you will miss the message.  Cohen had a wild ride, but died well.  I have had a wild ride (not as public as his), and I hope I die well.  Like him, I am working on it.


YOGA ZOOM: Monday 1pm Gentle Hatha, Wednesday 5.30 Restorative, Friday – either style depending on the class.
STUDY ZOOM: Monday 6.30 Teacher Training, Tuesday 7.30 CCP, Friday 6.45 Tarot, Sunday 10am CCP and 5pm Death Cafe Meet-up

Although almost all of us are sick of ZOOMING, the classes are getting more and more interesting – although I can’t wait until folk come back to class.  The Tarot class has been running since before Covid.  First we made Tarot cards, then we learned how to read them, now we are doing interpretations.  Maybe soon we will get back to making again… There are a few students who I am sure will enjoy the formal opportunity to get back to art.

DEATH CAFE:  I started a DEATH CAFE MEET-UP on Sundays at 5pm.  I didn’t think anyone would turn up – but they have.  If you want to come let me know and I will send you the link, or go to the MEET-UP site, and the web is available there.  Either way there is no charge.  It is not a formal class, just bring questions.

One of our CCP students (Kate) is running her own “Death Cafe” on zoom.  Here is the link to check out the Compassionate Cafe for Thursday night at 7pm.     It is a facilitated yarn focussed on health and wellbeing for people during lockdown. It’s on zoom. Please register through Humanitix to receive the booking link.   The link will be automatically sent out one hour before we start, if you register through Humanitix. It is free to attend.   People from all walks of life will be there , not necessarily yogis or CCP.


INSTAGRAM..   Although I am not a raving fan, I have been putting up a painting almost every day.  I paint every day, but often have not been finishing in a day, but I put up enough miniatures to make it interesting I think.  I used to concentrate on themes, but now I am just doing what occurs to me in the moment.  I thought I might do “eyes” particularly lions, tigers and wolves eyes.  PLEASE FOLLOW ME.  Every little bit of encouragement helps.

If you are doing something special, please let me know, especially if we can invite other students.

See you on the ZOOM MAT.