Dear Yogis,

What an amazing week – thank goodness for lock-down.  I just would not have gotten back to painting like I am meant to paint (scientifically) if I hadn’t been forced back to my desk by covid!  Remember at the beginning of lock downs when I was painting miniatures,  and offering the “Angel series” to you first –  and for $65, well, those girls who bought one have made a good investment.  The miniatures are now selling for a minimum of $350 (depending on the image).  You can’t get that return at a bank…. I don’t even have time to put them in my shop.  The works I am submitting to the British Society of Miniature Artists for their show in November 21 will be around the $500 mark (there are lots of overheads).  I am painting, painting.  Locally I am exhibiting soon at Moco Gallery in Halls Gap.  Ashley has a beautiful small gallery which is still reaching out to clients even in Covid.

By the way I have taken the step onto INSTAGRAM.  You can see the paintings as I do them right there.  Follow me.

Yoga may be getting zoomed out – but I have extra skills as I am sure you have, whatever they are.  It is these times we discover what we were meant to do.  Right now I am painting, but I am still mindful of you.

YOGA:        Mon. 1pm Hatha, Wednesday 5.30 Restore, Friday 5.30 Restore or Hatha depending on clients
STUDY:      Friday 6.45 tarot, Sunday 10am CCP, Monday 6.30 Teacher Training, Tuesday 7.30 CCP Repeat.

Sunday 5pm CCP DEATH CAFE MEET-UP – free, all welcome.  GO TO MEET-UP for the link or let me know and i will send one to you.      KATE’S GROUP – Here is the link to check out the Compassionate Cafe for KATE’S GROUP Thursday night at 7pm.

FUN:  Friday 11am, The Morning Tea NETFLIX FILM GROUP.  This is a fun group.  When Netflix became a topic in yoga it seemed a good time to have FILM fun together .  Everyone welcome.


A commercial break.  In the big lockdowns, when I have written about foraging, cooking, survival,  I got hardly any attention and hardly any feedback, but when I spoke about Coles, retailers or the Banks I was snowed under.  I have learned from that.  Survival is not big on anyone’s list.

DYSON – I loved Dyson when they first started.  No-one gave service like they did.  I bought Dyson BECAUSE of their commitment to excellence demonstrated by their service.  They would collect the item from your front porch, and deliver it back in working order within their deadline time.   Didn’t matter where you lived.  That is no longer the case – and when a company charges $350 for a hair wand, you know they don’t care about us.  They are playing with the top end of the market.  Good on them!  I now buy smaller electrical things from Kogan.  They have a great product, it won’t last forever – but nothing does,  however the Kogan product seems to last as long as the Dyson product… even longer.   Price-wise there is no contest.  Kogan is amazingly cheaper.  They deliver FAST.

CHEMIST WAREHOUSE – The same as above.  CW used to stand behind the product, genuinely gave cheaper prices, and they had an on line service that was very good.  Now they have “remaindered” stock.  Left overs from manufacturers and distributors.  You can get the product you have always used once, but maybe that is all there is.  They offer products on-line but you put it in your basket, and if you are lucky and they no longer stock it they will let you know.  Otherwise they will just give you the closest thing, and don’t try to return it – you can’t.  It is an impossible paper chase.  If you need a chemist on line try CHEMIST DIRECT (Rochelle)  Yes, they get that personal.  They let you know if your product is out of stock, they will be honest about availability, and they have a big range. They give you price options in an email to you.  It is personal service on a big scale.   I love dealing with them…..

This is not a philosophical Newsletter – But it is useful I hope.