I have been working on this for some time because of the link to the treatment or management of hypermobility, and usually I start the day with good intentions, but after slogging away at the typewriter, fail to write a blog or present on Facebook.  It should be second nature but isn’t.

Hemp seeds and oils are extremely healthy for all of us, and now they are legal to be sold as a food minus the psychoactive ingredients. They are a plant medicine themselves and have a unique protein, which is the most easily digestible of any proteins found in nature. As well as having a almost perfect balance of Omega 3,6 and 9 and all essential fatty acids, it truly is a superfood.   Hemp oil is best taken in its raw form so that none of its powerful nutritional benefits are harmed.

I have been exploring the different brands and have these pointers to help you identify a high quality product:  *Organic * non-gmo * verified pesticide and herbicide free * and grown from certified seed.

In Australia most growers are bringing seed in from Canada and processing it, and even when they say it is Australian that only means that 10% is (probably the bottle, the label and the lid).  At least if you purchase and Australian packaged product when they use the terms above, you  can have  a reasonable expectation that it is true.

You would do well to do your own research (I am writing a book), however, even supermarkets carry HEMPL, Red Tractor and Hemp Foods Australia.  Chemist Warehouse has Thompsons, however, I emailed asking for more details and they haven’t bothered to get back to me.  This I translate as “they are not interested in their customers”, and i won’t buy the product.  You can decide otherwise.  Chemist Warehouse has the cheapest Hemp Seeds which you can find on the spice/flour/seeds rack, but not well marked, and they look a bit dry – they should look full and creamy (which is how they taste).


More to come soon.  Namaste  Jahne