This Sunday between 2 and 4pm is our TEACHER TRAINING TIME.  Only two hours.

The subject I am going to be concentrating on is THE YOGA OF HEMP (not the yoga of marijuana).   We will begin exploring my research into this topic which could greatly assist your clients with hypermobility – and you know how important I think that is for all of you (bye bye collagen pills).  I will also be demonstrating (not for the first time I know), my restorative yoga routine.  This is not new, but many of you act as if it is new for you – so we will go over it again, in light of the difference hemp can make to the DNA and the CSF.

If you are a teacher or graduate the cost for the day is $20 (please remember to bring it), and if you are a visitor it is $30 on the day please.

I look forward to seeing a full class arrive early or on time.  I will not backtrack for those who have come late (re-read the Yamas).


Have a lovely week.  Until I see you on Sunday – Namaste, Jahne