“Essentially, your ability to maintain optimal health rests on your responsibility to become informed about the ECS and its involvement in the underlying causes of many degenerative diseases…”  Dr. Joseph Mercola, Functional Medicine Physician.

The ECS has been the subject of many text books – I am reading and researching TCM and Japanese Kampo which teaches extensively on the subject but is not able to put all that is known into practice in Australia because of the misunderstandings about cannabinoids.  Many scientists and researchers believe it is something that should be taught from high school, but unfortunately, because of the stigma, only 13% of medical school are teaching the ECS, which is like the conductor of the orchestra, where the orchestra is your organ systems.  We cannot be healthy or well if our ECS does not function well.

It is all about education.  I am amazed in my own practice, how many folk who are suffering won’t even take hemp oil or seed because they believe they will become addicted!  Fear will stop you in your tracks every time if you let it.  We have to start educating ourselves about the ECS as it is probably one of the most important discoveries quite some time.    I know for myself,  I am dealing with the enormities of this system and what it influences throughout the entire human body.

Start simple.  Research a good hemp oil (one with omega 3,6 and 9) as well as proteins and minerals, ditto the protein powder.  When you buy the seeds make sure they look a bit greasy and creamy, not dry and brownish.  Look for Organic, Non-GMO, Verified pesticide and herbicide free, and if possible, check if the plant is grown from certified seeds.  In Australia few seeds are being actually grown here (look at the label – 10% is all that is needed to say “Australian”), most are being imported mostly from Canada which is a good source which has been producing hemp for some years.


More to come..