Dear Yogis,

What a time we are living in.  The weather is all over the place, so don’t expect you won’t be, plus physically we are being challenged, not just by the weather, and the feeling of insecurity, but by covid, covid vaccinations and the downside of that.  It is all about challenge.  You can pretend it is not there, you can go to the doc and be tranquillised, or you can be pro-active and look around and see what nature is providing for you.  I think the last option is the best, and that is why we have moved into THE YOGA OF HERBS,  

During lockdowns you were joining us on zoom, learning new things, trying new things because the reality was right up at you and clawing at the windows.  But now, with the pressure seemingly off, you have relaxed, and now, maybe you have not  just moved away from yoga, but also from learning new things (old ways) that could help yourself and your family going forward.

 I am still here, I am still teaching, and those students who are ready to learn, are joining us.  Sitting in front of the telly might be easier – but it won’t help you when the supermarket shelves are empty.  I think you know that.  Nature is providing, even really good things… How to make bitters (digestives) out of those old artichoke leaves, how to make Novello out of green walnuts, how to make seed crackers out of plantain.  That was what we spoke of last night in your absence.

I am now thinking how I can make what used to be called a “still room”.  A place that is darker and colder so that I can store all the lovely things I am making.  Instead of being crammed on shelves, they will go into my storehouse (still room) for the “winter”, and times of shortage.  My mum had a cold place under the floor boards in the hall where apples, root vegetable, preserved eggs and suchlike were stored.  I can’t do that, but I will solve it.  I will find a space.  What about you?  Put your head outside, smell the air – things are changing, can you?

I have a huge pile of yoga magazines that I was not quite sure what to do with.  I think I am going to paper the walls in the toilet with them..  Angel would do this.  I will have lots left I think, would you like some?

STUDIO YOGA – Wednesday 5.30, Friday 5.30 and Monday 1pm.  Please contact me before you turn up, these are small classes.
ZOOM:  Friday 6.45 Tarot.  Monday Gita 6.30, Tuesday Herbal Workshop 7.30