Dear Yogis,

The end of the week already.  I have spent a lot of useless time this week complying with government health requests.  First off, I got a letter “inviting” me (because of my age) to have a health assessment.  Knowing what “health assessment” usually means,  I left about half an hour to complete it – TWO HOURS later I called a halt, with still tests left undone.  Too hard, too long.  Good to know that everything looks fantastic. I will complete it over the next week or so, minus about 4 different vaccinations I am not having – measles, shingles, pneumonia, flu, and herpes (and sexually transmitted disease vaccination!).  Minus the tests I will not be having. Colonoscopy, Mammogram (which subject women to the same radiation as 21 X-rays), and a PAP smear which I am pretty sure requires a cervix.  My ECG is fabulous both standing and resting, I will do an osteoporosis test, and about then I think we will be done.

Then I had a Moderna Vaccination, my booster.  I thought I would be laid out, but apart from tiredness there has been no other side effects to date.  Mind you I have been putting Turkey Tail mushroom into everything I can since the vaccination.  I think it made all the difference. I have been mega dosing magnesium vitamins C, Vic D3, Folate, Fish Oil, ginseng.  All the usual.  No wonder I feel great.

The next win was my eye examination.  The Health Assessment Doc made it pretty clear that 3 to 4 years between eye examinations were too long “at my age!” (he was about “12”).  So I had one today.  No change from last time.  Who has that!  What a great result, what a great saving too.

If you want results like my results, then you have to live like I live.  I am not a monk on a mountain, I work,  and I work hard, plus I do my own gardening, clean my own house, and do my own cooking, ride at least 100km per week on my little under the desk pedalled – and I look after you with newsletters, classes and zooms.  The secret is the mushrooms, the vitamins, and the diet.  If you want to know if you really want to know), come to the herbal workshop – I speak about it there.

HERBAL WORKSHOP:  Tuesday 7.30.  This week I made Artichoke Bitters, Nocello (Walnut Liqueur), and decanted the Pine and Citrus Vodka.  I am waiting for the Blackberry/Citrus vodka to mature.  The method and ingredients for all of these could have been found at our Tuesday herbalists Workshop.  Plan to be with us next Tuesday at 7.30.

The weather could be changing, certainly the Bach flowers are no more.  We are preparing our journal with pages devoted to where to find Bach plants, and what time of the year they flower.  This is the only way you are going to be able to have a complete set of Bach Flower Remedies that you have collected yourself.

I remember reading about IanWhite’s collecting expeditions – he noted his dreams, his mediations, his inspirations around each flower.  Baby steps students.  Just start making index cards on each.

Zoom: Friday 6.45 Tarot.  Monday 6.30 Gita, Tuesday 7.30 herbal Workshop
Studio: Friday 5.30.  Monday 1pm, Wednesday and Friday 5.30 (please email me to book for all yoga classes)


I will see you on the mat

Namaste. JAHNE