Dear Yogis,

The beginning of a REAL week.  One in which there are classes, Studio classes, zoom classes, and we are starting to move forward again as a school… instead of some being away, and some staying stuck, and the few still coming to class (very grateful for everyone).  I am so looking forward to seeing you all again.  It seems such a long time.



HERE IS A RUN DOWN of the classes coming up in the next few days….

This is the beginning of a new set of Hypermobility lectures (If you missed the first or want to revise!)  If you think you are hypermobile, or you have a child who is, or just want to know more in order to be a more effective yoga teacher…then these are the classes for you.

Abundance and Prosperity.  How to diagnose your life and your business the Buddha’s way.  This sutra is the ‘Remover of Obstacles”.

 *POSSIBLE WEDNESDAY 7PM CLASS (or Saturday morning at 10am – you choose).
I believe the world is increasingly “rudderless” and most people are not only functioning without a rudder, they are only using one oar.  They are going in circles, and in some cases, not realising… not understanding how to move forward.

To address this in some measure, I  (taking my “heart in my hands”) am contemplating a Wednesday 7pm class “BIBLE/ISLAM/GITA”.  BIG concepts.  We are learning them in the Gita class in a gentle way, but this will focus in deeper.  …  If you are interested, please let me know…  Remember “Nothing can befall us that is not ordained by God” (The Qu’ran)

STUDIO CLASSES:  Monday 1pm (full), Wednesday zoom 12.30 restorative, studio 5.50 restorative (full), Friday 5.30 Restorative – this is a new class and I encourage others to join this..

If you have not paid for the class, please go to the home page of the web site and click on the button PAY VIA PAY PAL (not the DONATE button – unless you are donating extra).  PAYPAL will notify me quickly of the money received..  Please bring paper and pen to class.  I hope that you will need them.



On Sunday at our class, we discussed (again) the poetry of Rumi.  I have on numerous occasions talked about Rumi and his life, but we have not much discussed SUFISM.  To understand the Sufis it is said, is to grasp the heart and soul of Islam.  Sufism is Islam’s  greatest secret.  Because few non-Muslims understand, or are prepared to contemplate the immaterial, mystical element in Islam’s appeal for its believers, sufism is largely undiscovered.  Yes, you all know Rumi, but have you looked further.

Sufis have given great spiritual depth to Islam, and to generations of Muslims.  Sufism is about Batin, the inner secrets of The prophet the Quran, and the Sharia.

Scholars of The Sharia (the Law), focus on how to stand, bow, and how to prostrate oneself in prayer – however, the Sufi masters are concerned about the state of the believers soul and heart when they are standing before God.  The Sufis (in their own words), are not concerned with the love letter but with the lover Himself, and for this reason concentrate, immerse themselves (or in Rumi’s case, drown themselves) in love, miracles and pious devotion.

Sufi Muslims range from the very strict observance of Sharia to the very lax, from dancers and dervishes to serious scholars, and from the highly secretive to the achingly transparent.  Some go regularly to teachers in their mystical orders (Nasquibandi, Qadiri and Chisti schools), and some roam free and follow their heart..

They all share a common deep love for the Divine, and a vibrant attachment to the prophet Mohamed.  They possess a deeply spiritual charisma which touches all who open their hearts to being taught.  Their tranquility is real and brings serenity to all who meet them – Sufi Masters radiate stillness and a Divine energy.

Princess Jahanara (the feminine face of Sufism in the 1600’s) battled even her brother over the opposing strands of Islam.  Literalism over mysticism.  When she died she could have been buried with her father who built the TajMahal but was buried in a small grave in Delhi.  The inscription over her tomb reads “Let no rich canopy cover my grave: this grass is the best covering for the tomb of the Faqueera (poor in spirit), the humble, transitory Jahanara, disciple of the holy men of Chisti (Sufi), daughter of the emperor Sha Jahan” (AD 1681)

Look around you – who do you see, what do you see?  Is your world good? Or is it “troublesome” to your soul?  We yoga teachers (YOGA = UNION/UNITY) have the possibility of drawing our community together.  We could call ourselves THE CHOSEN.  The time has come when we need to judge on which side we stand.

You can be THE GATE for your community… It is your choice.

Namaste – Jahne