Dear Yogis,

Another fabulous day in Paradise!  How about you?

A REMINDER:  ZOOM COMING UP.  The FREEE Tarot Class at 6.45 Friday Night, then The TAROT ART Class on Saturday at 2pm and on Sunday the Gita Study at 10am in the morning.  If you aren’t on the log, I won’t send you an ID, so please let me know if you want to come to class (if you haven’t before – or haven’t for some time), and I will send you an ID in good time.

BIRTHDAY.  ON SUNDAY between 2pm and 4pm (or thereabouts), I am having another 21st birthday.  The last one was about 6 years or more ago, and I thought after last year and covid another one was in order.  Because we are Covid Conscious, just drop in.  There will not be a big gathering with a start and an end,  to enable “social distancing”.  The weather promises to be good, so we will be able to spend some time on the deck and in the garden and not be marooned in the house.  We have to be responsible.  But not so responsible that there won’t be some beautiful champagne to mark the occasion…  Please come.  Park on the white gravel making room for others, and there is a driveway with no house opposite us, you can park there.  Please do not park in front of neighbours gates or garages.  Take  care. this is not the road for careless parkers.  If unsure…you can always park in Mt. Macedon Rd…



I have a lovely commission to draw sea creatures.  A WHALE SHARK, A LEOPARD SHARK AND A MANTA RAY.  This takes me back to when I spent every day doing scientific drawings (my speciality Marine Mammals).  I thought you might like to be with me as I progress in this project  and have taken a photo to show you the supplies I needed in order to start… the photo doesn’t show the sketch book, the pencils and so on needed to begin.

The photo also does not show the work I have done researching these wonderful beings.  If I was being paid $5,000 per drawing (or employed by a tertiary institution)  I would be able to go to the museum and see skins, go to an aquarium somewhere or spend hours getting to know how they live, eat, move and breathe – which I have done as best I can, googling and you-tubing as travel is forbidden at present.

No Philosophy today – it’s “nose to the grindstone” time… not in front of the computer.

Remember as you move about in the world, good deeds are signs of “the Kingdom” – letters from heaven.