Dear Yogis,

It is the beginning of the New year, and I have done a few new things… I have a mini bicycle under my desk.  I am spending so much time on zoom, that I need to find new ways to exercise – and bicycling in between sessions is easier when it is right there and doesn’t depend on the weather.  It is convenient, and is good.  It is amazing how much gets done when you are just able to fit exercise in so easily.

Saturday 2pm TAROT/ART CLASS
Sunday 10am THE ‘GITA STUDY.  I feel quite at home in the Gita now, and am pleased it has run along for such a while.  I hope we will be able to take it further, and start at the beginning again.



We are all “the stuff of Stars” and I am going to start our “Breath of stars” work with a Workshop on the 20th February at 10am.  I am starting a website just for this:

The home page looks great, the blog is just a playground until I get around to it… but it is useful to have this new topic  separate from yoga, as I would like everyone, even non-yogis to go there..

You think you know about the breath because you think you breathe, but let me say, you only “sort-of” breathe.  Ninety percent of the population haven’t got a clue, and this lack of proper breath is causing all manner of symptoms – asthma, emphysema, sinusitis, snoring, anxiety, IBS, palpitations, ADHA, Psoriasis and I could go on…. a real ‘laundry list” of symptoms.  Breathing can influence our body weight, and our overall health, but only Taoists, Yogis, specialists,  and free-divers (who have a vested interest) have made studies of it.

My son Jesse who was born with severe lung issues (he’s hyper mobile) learned to be a free-diver and took control of his breath,  vastly increasing the efficiency and capacity of his lungs.  I was told he was able to go to 250ft on a single breath.  You too can change like Jesse (and Stephen Hawking), from the prospect of a very limited existence to a rich full life by understanding and working with the breath.

Why has our ability to breathe deteriorated over the ages, and why didn’t cavemen snore (and how we can tell!)? What you will learn in our course may unsettle you for a while, but in learning more about the breath, and learning the correct way to breathe, you will find remedies for yourself, your family and your students and clients. You certainly will understand how to increase your lung capacity..  it just happens when you are breathing correctly.

These simple techniques are open to everyone whether they are young, old, thin, fat, rich or poor, sick or healthy.  They have been practised in Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity and other religions for thousands of year, but only recently have scientists learned how they can reduce blood pressure, boost athletic performance and balance the nervous system. If you are an athlete, if you are fitness training, or if you just want to feel better and function better – this understanding is critical.

We will explore evolution, medical history physiology, physics, athletic endurance and heaps more.

It is estimated that we take 670million breaths in an average lifetime.  I have taken maybe three quarters of the breaths allotted to me and I would very much like to take a few million more.  If you would too – let’s breathe together.

If you want to join me, email me at, and book, then pay via the Home Page PAYPAL button on