Dear Yogis…


BREATH WORKSHOP, Saturday 20th February..10am ($25)

Please, you can’t miss this.  No fancy breaths, just knowing what we do when we are doing it (as the Buddha has said) .  It is $25 for a two hour workshop.  It will change the way that you live day to day (and at night).  It certainly will change the way that you teach.  You will have a way you can impact your self, your family, your community.  This is no small thing – IT IS EVERYTHING.

This workshop is important  because it weaves together Tibetan Buddhism, Yoga, Vedas (The Gita), Tao and science.  I did a taster on Sunday at the Gita class, and the class was mesmerised… I had to steer the class back to the original study because the breath is fascinating.  It is something we obviously all do, and we do badly.  I have written the workshop up on the EVENTS page, click “EVENTS” on the menu on our home page.

To book go to the home page, click on the PAY BY PAY PAL button.  Don’t forget to leave your name and email address so that I can send you your ID the day before the workshop.  PayPal will send the receipt immediately.  Very easy, very efficient.


I do have a new WEB PAGE just for THE BREATH – But for now whilst it is under construction,  all our notices are on the EVENTS DROP-DOWN on our WWW.YOGABEAUTIFUL.COM.AU page,  because it is such an important topic

You are going to be blown totally out of the water when you see the convergences, and how we have been steered away from these convergences which once you understand,  can save our sanity and our lives.  I am not putting this too strongly.  

WE ARE THE WORST BREATHERS IN THE ANIMAL KINGDOM.  This topic is life saving – but only if you use it.  Come to the workshop on Saturday the 20th of this month at 10am… and then the classes from the Friday following that workshop.  



NEW ONGOING ZOOM CLASSES ON THE BREATH:  Starting, Friday 26th February (ZOOM).  (4 classes $88 – the same as yoga). 

In each class, *I will be doing a small chat to show you the theory of “how” we are going to use the breath in the class,  in the workplace and at home –  *then we will be doing the “Micro-Cosmic Orbit” which we use to start every Restorative class. This revitalises the spine and the cerebrospinal fluid.  *Having done that we will move to the breath.  

To make sure you get the most of the class,  practise with your tablet or whatever you be using so you can get up close for the class, further back for the micro-cosmic orbit (a seated 5 movement session), followed by time on the floor, or seated in a cushion or chair depending on your fitness.  I will need to be able to see you otherwise it is not a real class.  We could do it without visuals, but there will not be much interaction – I won’t be able to see HOW you are breathing.  This is a breath class!

“In every country, every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy”  (Szent-Gyorgyi)



We have decided as a team, as a “club”,  now (after a year of study)  we are finished the Gita and will start at the beginning and do it all again.  This is how we really learn, really DRILL DOWN into the word.

I have had a chance to see who comes, who is committed, how they study, so I have therefore decided to charge $50 for a calendar month.  No freebies, concessions, carry-overs and no recording.  The students who come are really committed and want to learn consistently and I LOVE THEM!    The class is now $50 for a MONTH.   So the next time you pay, you will pay for one month.  If you pay on the 26th February, you will pay again on the 26th March etc…. Easy for you, easy for me.



In Colombia’s capital city, hundreds of TONNES of drugs were trafficked every year.  EVERY DAY there were 15 homicides connected to this trade, many many overdoses, crimes and families in crisis were at the mercy of the drug trade, and a huge drain on the resources of the City. I am sure you can imagine what I am talking about – CHAOS.  Lots of things were tried, nothing worked.  It seemed to be an impossible situation.  Having tried everything,  now is the time they thought about going outside of the material, to the spiritual.

What happened next?  A small number of Church-goers decided to have prayer meetings and start prayer chains specifically directed at healing this “running sore” which was the drug trade.  Having tried everything else, more and more people joined the special services and the prayer chains.  As the numbers of the prayer teams grew, the number of deaths fell, and the churches had to expand the number of services, which would eventually encompass the football stadium.  While this was happening the deaths and the side issues and crimes associated with this horrible trade diminished dramatically – you can’t argue with numbers! Government officials joined the services and the prayer chains, and then offered to pay the churches to keep their services happening, pay for the stadiums, pay for the halls….

This is the power of the breath, the power of prayer (just another name perhaps for the breath – depends how you do the breath.)

Does prayer work, does BREATH WORK? Will it work for you in your everyday life?   Absolutely.  When you know the price is covered, then the way you look at the menu changes.  

When you have lots of options you are in Control – when you run out of options – GOD IS IN CONTROL



Choosing just 3 cards as a  spread is a way you can use our REVELATION Tarot for Self-Discovery –  it’s a wonderful way to check that you’re in alignment with your soul purpose on a day-to-day basis.

The SELF DISCOVERY Check-In spread can work with any new opportunity in your life: hobbies, travel, training and courses, relationships — you name it. Use it whenever you want to know if something is in alignment with your soul purpose in this lifetime.

  1. MY RESOURCES: What am I calling into my life right now?
  2. MY CHALLENGE: What is this opportunity bringing into my life? AND How is this opportunity in alignment with my soul purpose?
  3. MY LESSON: What is my best course of action with this opportunity? and what as I discovering in this process?

Of course I’d love to see how this goes for you – once you’ve done your SELF DISCOVERY Tarot spread, post a pic to my email and let me know your thoughts…