Dear Yogis,

What a Fantastic time we had sharing RUMI” at our session last night.  All is not as it seems to be.  Rumi (like Patanjali) was not just a poet – he was an astrologer, a mathematician, a musician, a lawyer,  a teacher …and of course a philosopher and lover.  We will keep going with this study until we get to the end –  whenever that is.  I think it is uncapping lots of feelings, and certainly reflections on our lives as we live them – feeling rather than thinking about love.    If you are brave enough to learn about love from the Master Rumi…., please join us on Tuesday evenings at 7.30.

Wednesday 12.30 ZOOM Restorative Yoga, 5.30 Studio Yoga Class (full)
Friday 6.45 ZOOM, Free Tarot Pendulum Class
Saturday 2pm, ZOOM Tarot/Art Class
Sunday 10am, ZOOM ‘Gita Class



A couple of weeks ago I started doing black and white drawings and portraits again.  I have a number of drawings of Jesus I have been given, and decided to draw Jesus as I think He would have looked.

Of course he would be Arabic/Jew, darker skinned, troubled, long hair, whiskers, dark deep set eyes, worry frown…. certainly not blue-eyed blond dressed in a white sheet.  So I did the portrait and finished over the weekend.  I showed it to a student, and she said “that looks almost the same as the guy who is playing the lead in the Netflix film THE MESSIAH”.  I checked the film out and she was right.  I tweaked the portrait a bit and now it really does look like Mehir who plays the lead, although a little more “working man” than Mehir who is an actor.  Jesus was a “chippie” (a carpenter) – he worked on building sites with tough guys.  I am sure he would have had muscles (and not just in his mind).  He was not a dancer although most portraits tend to portray a very feminine vision of the man called Jesus.  Not this one.  I also have taken to watching the film, but not all 10 episodes although I will probably get around to it.  As usual with my work,  I am selling prints of this drawing.  You can pre-order one A3 $125, A4 $85 printed on canvas- finish medium and posted in a tube.  To purchase,  go to the home page and pay via PAYPAL button on the page.  You can pay with cr or dr card via PayPal – you don’t need an account.


Once we have finished ‘The Gita we will be starting learning more about BREATH.  There have been many breakthroughs since we started learning about the Yoga breath years ago.  It all upholds the things we learned in yogic studies, but this is easier, and we know from scientific studies the actual changes in the body that we can personally cause by concentrating on THE BREATH.

No matter how much you eat (or how little), how fantastic your genes are, how skinny, rich or wise you are.. none of it matters if you are not breathing correctly.  NONE of it matters if you don’t understand how to breathe. The billions and billions of molecules you bring with each breath builds bones, sheaths of muscle, blood, brain and organs.  Is the correct breath going to make a difference to your health and happiness?  I think so!!!

Throughout the world there are many Institutes of Health devoted to the eyes, skin, teeth skin diseases, ears and so on.  I am sure you have visited one or more.  However, where is the Institute of the Health of the Nose, even though we all breathe?  Twenty-five sextillion molecules (250 with 20 zeros after it), make the journey through our nose  18 times a minute, 25,000 times a day.

You can stop snoring, enlarge your lung capacity, increase your longevity, change a scoliotic spine, boost athletic performance, and balance the nervous system, relieve asthma, anxiety, ADHD, psoriasis and more by understanding and correctly breathing.  The missing pillar to real health is the breath – it all begins with the breath.  All of these sometimes chronic conditions can be reduced or reversed just by concentrating on the breath – changing the inhale and the exhale.  Let me know if you are interested – we will probably have sessions on Monday and Sunday when our current studies on those evening have finished.

“Therefore, the scholar who nourishes his life refines the form and nourishes his breath”  The Tao