Good morning Yogis,

To begin with,   I would like to say how much I miss all of you, those usually coming to teacher training, those usually coming to class, and workshops.  I hope that you are supporting each other, looking after your body, your mind and your spirit..  I am hoping that you will rush to join us when this has subsided and in the meanwhile I offer my love, my prayers and my blessings to you all.  In spite of everything that is happening in the world I am inspired by yogis across the planet meditating, breathing, chanting,  helping others and helping themselves find their inner connection.  What a wonderful opportunity for growth we have been given. Tap into our FREE Covid (and other) videos on “Jahne Hope-Williams YouTube” 

As a yoga philosopher, what I would ask you to think about it this.  You have heard about the “Butterfly Effect?” ie “A butterfly in the Amazon flaps its wings and a guy in New York  dies”  Well what about this…Someone in Wuhan sneezed, someone in a little principality of China that we had never heard of before got a cold and a fever and the world became a place of turmoil and fear, and many people died.  “We are all connected”.  We have used these words hundreds of times.  We have imagined it to be so, but NOW, now we have the proof.

The virus has been there all along.  An ancient organism waiting its turn.  It wasn’t something new, it had been there all the time, waiting.  The question I would like you to contemplate is this – what caused it to emerge?  I am not talking about the wet markets which have been there hundreds of years, I am talking about karma, about spirit, about cause and effect.  What gave this little ancient creature the prod, the impetus to multiply and proliferate just at that moment in time and in that way?  What was the tipping point?  This little organism needed the perfect environment and maybe by not caring for the planet or ourselves, we have been responsible for its growth.  I am not a scientist I am a yogi and I believe that nothing is accidental.  We are responsible for what happens on the planet, and the Covid is the result, not the cause.  Our planetary spiritual vibration reached such a low ebb that this little virus was given a chance at life because the conditions became available.  Every virus is an opportunist, and  just takes advantage of what is available, they don’t  create the situation.   I wonder if in my Past Life Process I will meet this organism?  If I do, I will let you know.  It could happen.

I would say to you that this little bug is not going to go away.  It may retreat, we may find ways to kill it here and there, but it will always be with us.  We have to be prepared for this, and for whatever comes next.  Not new.  I have been waving my arms about this for a long time… now maybe you are listening.  It is important that we yogis who are holding the planet in our spiritual arms keep practicing – doing our asanas.  More practice, more practice, more practice.  Together let’s get really healthy in body, mind and spirit, so that no matter what emerges we are ready in body, mind and spirit to stand strong.  That is why we do yoga is it not?

It is time to imagine (and bring into being) a better and brighter tomorrow.  Tap into our healing practices to power-up our own inner healing.  Health and vitality at every level gives us the ability to overcome and recover.  Maintain your equilibrium and tranquility no matter what you face.  It is the yoga way.

Do your asana practice and most importantly take time to breathe – alternate nostril breathing to enliven and strengthen the nervous system, belly breathing and stomach lifts to strengthen the respiration and  awaken the heart chakra.  Fill your whole system with strength, power and enthusiasm.  My walks have become “Gratitude Walks”.  “Thank you for the breath, thank you for the breeze, thank you for the footpath, thank you for the creek.”…and so on for the entire walk and when possible out loud even if you do look nuts – I often do, so no one pays attention.

and most importantly MEDITATE.

As I said yesterday “SEE YOU AT THE TOP”.   NAMASTE.  JAHNE

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Another PS: those of you who are doing yoga-on-line, check that your insurance covers this? It may not, or there may be restrictions.  AON has a special COVID department to answer all of these questions. Go to their web page.