I have resumed Tarot/Tea Leaf reading both email and in person on a limited basis – one person in the morning and one person in the afternoon…  I have found it is easy to keep the required distance and more.  It is not palm reading so no hand holding required (or hugging or kissing).  If you want to make an appointment to see me,

1. Email me so we can set up a time at   2. Direct Debit $85 to the DD number below.    3. When you come, expect the usual COVID  etiquette to be in place.  The reading will take about an hour.  If you want to do it via email, or gift it and need more details go to you will find the details there.

Things are sort of getting back to normal.  Because my studio is in Victoria, we probably will be going slower at re-opening than other States.

It is anticipated that the earliest we will be returning to class is Monday week, could be later (keep on reading the newsletters, I will inform you here first).  Victoria will be one of the last States to return, however, in the last Great Flu Epidemic in the United States,  those States who took the longest to return to normal were the States who didn’t have a second wave of infection and recovered the quickest economically.

It is prudent and history tells us that we are doing the right thing.  Do not relax your guard.  


  • The usual COVID hygiene practices are still in place with the usual cough/sneeze etiquette.
  • Entry/registration/exit etiquette practices – use elbows with the sliding door, sanitise hands when entering and leaving.
  • Please  bring your own mats/blankets to Restorative, and a towel for over the top of bolsters, and wash the towels when you get home after every use. Do not re-use the towels.  Disinfect your mats after ever class..  Please bring your own mats/ straps and blocks for hatha.
  • Please do not attend if feeling unwell.  Students will be asked to leave the studio if showing symptoms
  • We request that all students pay via Direct Debit  or via card.  We need you to pay by Direct Debit and purchasing a 10 (CONSECUTIVE) class pass will be the easiest way to do this.
  • TO PAY.  Direct Debit.COMMONWEALTH BANK, WOODEND. BSB 063806 1019 1251 Yoga First.
  • COST:  TEN CLASS PASS:$185for a 10 week pass for new students, and $155 for a 10 week pass for students who have been consistently  been our students for approximately 3 years or more. (yes, it has increased – as has everything).  Valid/current class passes will be honoured until they end.
  • The Kitchen and shower facilities will not be available
  • It is important that we register you on entering, in case of COVID cross infection
  • Social distancing requirements will still be necessary, and when we go back I will only be able to take three students per class.  This will mean that I will need to know in advance, and lock in class times with you.  No casual attendees can be accommodated at this time. (we may need to add some more classes to accomodate those people who -three at a time – want to do yoga here with me.  Please indicate the day and time you want via email ( and I will let you know if I can do this, or if an alternative class needs to be organised.

There you are.  They are the rules which have been passed to us by Yoga Australia and all yoga centres are working hard to comply.  All yoga classes are doing similar to be safe.  However, I don’t know how the larger classes will socially distance themselves.

TAROT:  The TAROT READING WORKSHOP, postponed due to COVID, will be resuming (if all goes to plan) on Saturday the 6th June 2pm to 4pm and then for another two consecutive Saturdays. Let me know if this is suitable for you.

Keep healthy, keep happy.  

Namaste, JAHNE