Dear Yogis,

I am hoping for your help/advice.

I am considering building a new site for all my artwork, and it’s easy to be overwhelmed.  I really like a web builder called WIX.. very easy, comprehensive, and middle of the road regarding charges….They even have PAY PAL.   I appreciate that method of payment (it is so easy), and I wondered if you did too – or if it doesn’t matter to you?  Please let me know.  WIX has so many other super features.  I have looked at many website builders, WIX has everything I want and more.  Even it seems, PayPal.   The choice is to bring my own site up to date.. or start a new one specifically for the things usually on ETSY, which it seems few of you visit – and now that postage is so expensive overseas sales are not easy.  Your opinion please…

AS with most things it is easy to quietly resign ourselves to how things are, take the easy road, resign ourselves to the status quo.  “I can’t change the world, and I am not even sure that I can (or want to) change the way I do things/my lifestyle/the way I work (?) so I had better just leave things as they are.  Nothing ventured nothing lost!

It is when we reach that point that we are most often tragically mistaken.  We have a great deal to lose! Simplicity is part and parcel of our call to the spiritual life.  It is not an extra that we can tack onto our experience, in the same way that we can add a new app to our phone.

The fantastic paradox is that whilst simplicity is complex, it is also simple.  There are not many things that we have to keep in mind.  Really, only one decision we have to make – that is to be attentive to the word of the Universe (or God).  We only have to BE, at every moment, attentive to the Universe.  And as we keep our focus on this,  there comes welling up in us whispers of Divine Guidance and love that makes life radiant.

And speaking of radiant, I hope you can get the video I have attached (Just click on the orange “A DOGS DAY” below).  If you can’t get it let me know.  When I was first shown it I just was breathless with laughter, and it hasn’t eased.  Every time I watch it I just burst out laughing.  I have cousins who speak like this… but they are not half so funny.  Enjoy.


Have a wonderful day.  Keep happy (I know the video will help).  PS If a dog using the occasional “F” word offends, don’t turn it on, however I wouldn’t have sent it if it was offensive.  Just enjoy.


Love and Blessings.  NAMASTE  JAHNE