Dear Yogis,

A time to inspire.  Do you have plans for tomorrow, for the rest of the week? You may want to throw them out the window if you had an idea of what was around the corner.   Do you have confusions, procrastinations?  This is a time when massive transformation is possible – all that is needed is the desire to transform….

Mother’s day is just a hop way, and here is something you can give to yourself or to your mum.  A THREE QUESTIONS TAROT READING.  Go to  download the voucher, and then we can do the reading by email..  I use the tarot, plus pendulum,  and the Tea Leaves if there is a medical question involved (I have found the tea leaves work very specifically with me in this regard).  The reading will take about an hour, although if spirit screams the answer at me, it may be one sentence!!  I have had that happen and it is very startling and very effective. The recipient of the one sentence message was most appreciative and excited, although I felt a bit difficult delivering it.


If you go to the web address above, you will also find two inspirational posters.  One “ON BEING HUMAN”.  If any of you have paid attention to Yoga teacher Training you will have read this with me before.  I found it pasted to the wall of an Amsterdam toilet, and as I couldn’t remove it,  it took some time to write it down using toilet paper and one of those smudgy pens.  People before me had tried to take it, and bits were missing, but over time I tracked it down… and here it is not on etsy or

The small poster is RULE NUMBER 10 from the same poem. They are not really RULES, but words which will push you towards personal growth and self development.  A reminder for when you go in the wrong direction, or think in destructive ways.

REGARDING COVID.  Are you feeling flat this week?   Taking a bit extra time to get motivated? Feeling lazy?  According to “experts” (and you may want to stay away from them), this is how our personal curve could  happen (just in case you haven’t read the “COVID DIARY”),

Stage 1. Confusion and a feeling of abandonment (hence the panic buying)

Stage 2. Relaxing into the “holiday – time out, time off”.  We get out our to-do list and start working down it. Happy, happy, happy.

Stage 3. THIS IS WHERE SOME OF US ARE RIGHT NOW.   We want to get back to something “meaningful”, and away from the everyday monotony. WE ARE GETTING FRUSTRATED we think we are lazy, and we feel flat and apathetic after seven weeks of isolation.

So if you are feeling like this, it is perfectly natural, but it doesn’t mean that you have that extra slice of cake and settle back down on the couch.  It is time to give yourself “a good talking to” and find something you like to do that will help you to be interested.  Do that, and then do more.  This is a difficult part of the curve… and as any long distance runner knows, the race gets more difficult at the end.

Right now, at this minute, I am getting out into the garden.  Today I have been doing small projects, going on longish walks, collecting baby fish for my ponds, and switching routines around.  Still doing lots, but not getting in a rut.  Do you know the difference between a rut and grave?  Easy, just the depth.  Don’t let your rut get too deep.

Stay happy –  Stay healthy.

Namaste, Jahne

“For this entity should comprehend and know, and never forget, that life and its experiences are only what one puts into same! And unless the activities, the thoughts are continuously constructive, and the experience well-balanced, the entity cannot, will not fulfill the purpose for which it came into the present experience.”
Edgar Cayce reading 1537-1