Dear Yogis,

Easter is DONE.  Now you have Mother’s Day, then… Day, then …Day.  It is never ending for people who like holidays more than they like where they are.   My definition of suffering is the gap that exists between the world you have and the world you want.   Where are you in this?

As Rumi said  “…The lamps are different, the light is the same…”

I do know that since Covid fewer are going back to yoga on the basis that they have no time, and more people are coming down with pretty serious illnesses because of the anxieties and depressions of the past 12 months. They are relaxing everything,  believing that all is “normal”.  It isn’t, it cannot be.   Cleaning the venetians, or the windows to make them “covid perfect” isn’t going to help your state of mind, or state of health, although it might fill the day with “doings” rather than “feelings”.  It is time to take stock and see what  the balance between your physical, emotional and spiritual life is like, and get back to what is important now that we can create what is a NEW NORMAL.  You said you wanted classes, teacher training,  you wanted Studio, you wanted zoom – you have it.

During Covid, those students who had lagged behind got a new lease on life and surged forward – that has ended.  Mostly they have gone back to the old ways.  During Covid students registered and prepared for their classes, came to zoom a number of times a week, complained because there were no Studio classes,  in the main, this too has ended.  The pressure cooker lid is off, and many trainee yoga teachers, yoga students, and student teachers have gone back to the I CAN’TS.  You can.  If you don’t work towards your future, there won’t be one.  I know it is hard.  You may have to take a few new paths to find the one for you… it is time to be inspired, and inspire your students back into class.

Plant those little seeds because soon you will find that those little seeds aren’t LITTLE SEEDS any more.  If you don’t plant, you can’t harvest.  

One of those little seeds maybe coming to the BEE LOVERS CLASS where you will learn how to nurture a hive and the bees in your backyard.  It could be zooming a tarot session to find where you are and where you are going – your lesson, your resources, your challenge.  You might benefit from the FREE TEACHER TRAINING CLASS on Mondays at 6.30, or GITA on Sunday morning.  There is lots you can do.