Dear Yogis,

It’s REGISTRATION time of year for a lot of you.. Thank you to those who remembered, and didn’t need the usual nudge.  Please everyone, check that you have paid and have your registration and insurance organised for the coming year.  It comes around really quickly.

With regards to our ZOOM CLASSES.  As I said to my student this morning (a lovely studio time) – EVERYTHING IS CHANGING AFTER COVID.  It is a very strange time.

One thing that is definitely changing is zoom.  During Covid everyone was zooming… now they are going back to their studios OR NOT.

I have spoken with a few students who said that they had consistently zoomed during lock down, stopped when everything went back to the new normal, and now “there isn’t enough time to do yoga!”  I have noticed.

In response, here is the new timetable…
FRIDAY 6.45PM : FREE Zoom tarot/pendulum class cancelled until a committed class is wanted weekly.
SATURDAY 2PM: Art class.  Starting this Saturday reverts to once a month Studio Class instead of weekly zoom. Date of regular meetings to be decided.
SUNDAY 10AM: GITA STUDY GROUP will CONTINUE as usual.  This is a committed group.
SUNDAY TEACHER TRAINING:  The FIRST Sunday in the month, 2pm to 4pm.
MONDAY 1PM Hatha Class continues as usual and 6.30 FREE TEACHER TRAINING – I will decide after this Monday class if this will continue.
TUESDAY 7.30PM RUMI STUDY GROUP continues as usual
WEDNESDAY 5.30pm RESTORATIVE YOGA continues as usual

I am available by appointment for Tarot Readings, Massage and one-on-one yoga classes.  I am still zooming tarot readings and have students around the globe – couldn’t have imagined that before covid and zoom.  It does mean that I finish rather late at night to accomodate world-wide time differences.

I am also playing with my TATTOO equipment again – “Stick and Poke method”.  Having started down the seedy end of town about 40 years go,  I got thrown out of a few studios because I was told I looked more like a private detective or “Girl Guide” than a tattoo artist, Plus I am female, and no-one would take me seriously then (although there is a huge number of girls doing it now).  Eventually I got taken on, and I loved it.  It was such fun and such an education.  However, a few years ago I got jaded with the bigger and bigger designs, and the emphasis on speed and colour (and money), so I donated all my equipment to a newbie to the business.   Today I am rather enthralled with the Japanese way.   Interested? – Email:  Unfortunately this is one thing that can’t be done via zoom!  Sorry.

TOXIC FREE PAINT AND NATURAL ART SUPPLIES:  Anyone out there interested?  By the way, egg tempera is made with “egg” – no getting around that, but there are ways to make almost every art toxic/chemical free. You can also make your own brushes and pens – I do.  You do need a certain amount of patience – but its worth it.

ENDOCANNABINOIDS.  Last night Michael Mosely did part of his show about endocannabinoids.  I am interested in this subject however, he did it an injustice.  The study wasn’t a good one and only proved that endocannabinoids were involved in releasing the bliss chemicals in the brain – we knew that already, as did the ancient yogis.  There is a reason that the BLISS chemical is called “ANANDAMIDE”.

Mosley had a group of middle aged ladies,  took them away and had them run, bicycle, dance and sing and tested the blood after each activity.  After singing there was a 40% greater release of chemicals than in any other activity.  I am not sure what he deduced from this, other than the ladies loved to sing.  If he had got dedicated runners to do the test I am sure the result would be replicated for them.  That being said, and whatever the result, it is great that this system is being explored and studied.  It is easier in the UK because they are certainly more enlightened than us with regard to CBD – the UK and the USA even have “CBD YOGA” classes, and CBD in the face creams, treatments and cosmetics.   I had hoped that our government would take a second look and start gently relaxing the law during covid.  But no, nothing different has happened.  We live in hope – in the meantime watch whatever you can regarding this on NETFLIX.  Excellent.

ALMOST FORGOT.  I am seeing my bee keeper this coming Saturday and we will be nailing down times and dates for our bee workshops.  If you haven’t registered your interest, it is time to do so.  As we will be in the backyard of the yoga studio, actually playing with bees and hive, it is not something that can be zoomed.  You will have to come.  Please email if you are interested, and we will put you on the mailing list.