Dear Yogis,

CHRISTMAS IS COMING (QUICKLY):  Last class Wednesday 5.30 on the 25th December.  First class back, 1pm, 11th January.
LAST MONTHLY YOGA LUNCH:  11th December at Mt.Macedon Trading Post.  All Welcome, but please let me know so we can organise a big (or small) enough table.  This is the first luncheon since the beginning of the Covid Lockdowns (and last for the year).
STUDIO TAROT/ART CLASS:  Saturday 2pm.  This is the last Studio ART Class for the year.

STUDIO YOGA CLASSES:  I will be starting new Friday 5.30 and Saturday 12.30 Classes in the new year.  Please book as soon as you have organised your diary.  THE ZOOM Yoga Study times will continue in the new year.

MASSAGE:  I will be working right through Christmas if you would like to book.  Even if you overdo it and need just a 15 minute BOWEN TYPE adjustment, or neck and shoulder massage… do email and pop in.



Heard on SVU:  Liv, “When did we become the voice of reason?”
                              Ice-T, “Sooner or later we play all the parts.”

This was a very interesting exchange, especially since we have begun the study of The Diamond Sutra, which basically is all about what the Buddhists call “Potential” and “Emptiness”.  This sutra has been expounded by Michael Roach within his business book about how he made a lot of money and brought a diamond company (and himself) from zero to hero using Buddhist principles particularly from this sutra, although he has translated other traditional and venerated Tibetan Texts.

Basically, you can’t “do what you can,  with what you have,  where you are” (The Buddha) unless you actually know where you are, and this is what the sutra is all about.  Join us next Tuesday for part two.  If you want to read ahead, then start with the commentary by Choney Lama called “Sunlight on the Path to Freedom”, another title for this sutra.

Choney Lama Drakpa Shedrup writes in his commentary:  “Here I will, with great feelings of faith and in keeping with my own capacity, offer a commentary in explanation of the Perfection of Wisdom in 300 Verses, more commonly known as the Diamond – Cutter”.

As I have said before, although this sutra can be used to better your life (and many read it just for this reason), it is not a magic spell, nor is it like your zodiac reading.  You really need to study, think and change.  If you will do this, then your life will become clearer, and success will be yours.  There is not a pill for this.

Here is a beautiful grace to recite before you begin such a study (and before your classes) which I learned from my Venerable teacher Phra Khanitphalo  at WatBuddhaDharma all those years ago…

A Buddhist Grace.
I offer this to the Teacher
 Higher than any other,
The precious Buddha.
I offer this to the protection Higher than any other,
The precious Dharma.
I offer this to the guides Higher than any other,
The precious Sangha.
I offer this to the places of refuge,
To the Three jewels,
Rare and supreme.