This week I have been asked by pupils “what do you eat”…  here it is

I can tell you what I eat, but I live alone, and can eat what I want.  If you have a husband and children you may need to eat with them, and what they eat.  I remember my husband once asked me why everything I ate looked like it was scraped out of a cocky’s cage!  I eat what i eat, and I have never complied with what the family wanted, and they didn’t want to eat what i ate, although i used to adapt it a little so that it sort of mimicked what they were eating.  My children were both so different in their taste, and both had health uses, so i used to add things to their diets on an individual basis, although the major ingredients would have been the same.
But you asked about me…
Before breakfast (because winter is here) a tonic for my immune system I make with herbs, chilli  and vitamin c.
Breakfast: A savoury dip made of 1 tablespoon or so (or more) of the best hemp oil, 1 heaped teaspoon of hemp seeds, 1 crushed clove of garlic and a slurp of good balsamic vinegar, all eaten by dipping about 1 slice of full grain bread cut into pieces.  I usually lick up anything left.  I have this with  brewed cocoa (like coffee in a french press)
Lunch in two parts:  1.  A thick green aromatic dip of my garden herbs, hemp seeds, hemp oil, garlic, chilli, spirulina and hemp powder all blended.  Dipping bread – home made pitta cut and backed into small biscuit size pieces.
Mid afternoon:  2.  2 tablespoons of muesli with added nuts and dried fruits, in orange juice and sesame milk mix.
Dinner:  Steamed vegetables, plus dessert – a home made fruit icy pole.  (and a glass of wine or champagne)
Before bed:  a cube of home made hemp gingerbread and a cup of hot milk tea (or decaf milk coffee)
I drink lots of water about a litre and a half a day, plus tea, coffee.
Thanks about it.  It makes me feel good, my poop is beautiful, I have heaps of energy when I need it, and am deeply calm.
Hope you get some ideas.  You can see that Hemp is at the heart of how I eat.  It has made a great difference.  It is the deep calm, and a feeling of being really healthy and ‘all is well”.
Namaste.  jahne