Dear Yogis,


Sunday 10am TEACHER (OR ANYONE) TRAINING>  The Bhagavadgita – what the “Gita says about YOGA
Monday 1pm: Restorative Yoga
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SUNDAY is a day of rest, so a short message.


EXCUSES!  So many people (and my students) have excuses about almost everything. For instance “I can’t do yoga because I have children”, “I can’t come on zoom because I have to go for a walk”,” I can’t study because I am not in the right place”, “I can’t finish the course because it is too hard and I procrastinate”, “I can’t read the book because it is too big”.  Making excuses builds a monument you can worship which leads NOWHERE. Today is your opportunity to make something out of nothing.  That is what is required of you.  You cannot wait for the world to stabilise before you do the right thing, before you walk forward.  

WHAT IS YOUR MISSION?   Everything won’t be right so don’t wait for the perfect moment. You are going to have to do whatever you have said you would do,  in an unstable environment,  and learn to function well in an atmosphere of instability.  Another question is what is your Dharma – who/what do you have duty to?  Remember the Purushatras.

Hold your balance.  Hang on to something that doesn’t change.  You can’t control the terrain but you can control your balance.  Ride whatever the issue is, right through to the end. If you get a chance to rest take it, then get back on the bike.