Good morning yogis
In the last day of 2021 – thank you all for your support and for the fun we have had despite set-backs this year.  We are only half way through the covid experience, so “buckle up, it’s going to be a bumpy ride” (as Bette said) get back on track with the Bach Flowers.
What is troubling you?  Does your life seem to be spiralling out of control due to uncertainty and/or setbacks?  None of us know what is really going on, and what will happen next with regards to Covid and our businesses and lifestyles – although with Christmas and the New year almost sorted, we are more likely to know soon the “actual state of play”.
Because they deal with physical symptoms by working with the mind, the Bach Flowers can assist with the emotions you are experiencing and can provide gentle comfort in times of uncertainty.
A simple guide to a few…..
Cerato when you are not sure about a decision and ask for others advice.
Gentian for when you experience a setback, and it knocks you off course.
Gorse for when you have given up all hope.
Scleranthus when you are having trouble with a choice of two options.
Wild Oat when you are uncertain about your direction in life.
White Chestnut for when you cannot prevent thoughts, ideas, arguments which you do not desire from entering your mind. (as seen in the photo)
I have found myself, that Bach Flower Remedies work best if I put a drop or two (yes, that is all) in my palms and pat on my clean face first thing in the morning, and last thing at night.  Much better for me than under the tongue.  The remedies are energy – you do not needs heaps, and they work quietly in the background.  Don’t expect a zap of energy – you will notice changes gently over a few days. The BACH FLOWER REMEDIES COURSE will tell you everything you need to know to become self sufficient and make your own remedies – safely. and costs less than $60 – less than one visit to your naturopath…which is what Edward Bach had in mind.


When you’re setting your goals, it’s a good idea to keep these goals in mind…. SMART.  We have given you new courses, zoom classes, and a working sangha – the rest is up to you.

  • Specific: It’s not enough to say that you want more sales. Instead, your goal should be “I want to increase my sales by 10%” or “I want to earn $120,000 in the next 12 months.” Those are both very specific goals that leave no wriggle room..
  • Measurable: You may have heard the quote “What gets measured gets managed”  Your goals must have some kind of measurement attached to them – either in dollars, subscribers, followers, or another countable figure.
  • Attainable: It’s great to dream about doubling or tripling your income, but unless you have a solid plan, you might just find yourself discouraged at the end of the year if your goals are not truly attainable.
  • Realistic: In order for a goal to be realistic, you have to have the skills to pull it off.  If you haven’t got those skills, get them.
  • Time-based: Good goals have a hard deadline. What incentive do you have for working on it today?

TATTOOS:  I was going to advertise TINY TATTOOS – $50 For the month of January, but I am struggling to get the right needles.  I am down to my last, and all the usual suppliers are sold out…  If I can scrounge some needles from other tattoo shops I will let you know and then we will be on.  The tattoos can be in henna colour or black only, no bigger than a 50cent piece.  You can use one of my designs or your own – by appointment only, no drop ins.

I am looking forward to the new year and seeing you in the studio.