Dear Yogis,

The New year beckons.  What are you going to resolve? That the pay cheque lasts longer than the week, that you spend less time on the internet, that you make Thursday your “techno-Fast” (no insta, no web etc.), that you get closer to your Sangha, start more classes… and so on.  The list is endless but it doesn’t matter what you think, it matters what you do. For myself I have been tidying up loose ends – finishing courses, books, paintings.  Everything so that I can move into the new year prepared to work with you.  My Fungi Posters and the Bach Therapy Course (THE YOGA OF HERBS), is now available on lady studio and on

I think that we are on the road to perfection, which means that we are pretty imperfect at present.  There are consequences of having a mortal body: first accepting that we are mortal (not infinite), that we have stomachs, muscles and a mind.  These facts, because of their nature, profoundly influence the character of human civilisation and because it is so obvious, we never give it a thought. However, we will never understand ourselves our civilisation until we see these clearly.  The Chinese have a saying:  “A man may own thousands of acres of land, but like us all he still sleeps in a bed 6feet long”.  

Like you, I creep towards perfection.  I have my meditation, my yoga, gardening and painting to help me learn, grow and serve my community.  We all came to serve, not to take.

We are guests upon this earth.  No-one really owns a house, and no-one really owns a field.  With the new year upon us, it is good to reflect on such things.  How can we improve our minds, learn to love, and be happy.  

Pay attention to the Yamas – they light our path.

What are you moving towards this year?


I will always see you on the mat.