Dear Yogis,

For a long time now I have been saying to my students and everyone, start stocking up food….  things like rice, pasta, flour, honey, powdered milk.  Things with multiple uses that won’t deteriorate.  I have to say, even though I have been doing the You Tube videos, hardly anyone has been paying attention.  Thanks to the Corona Virus (although it could have been a number of things) if you have seen the papers and have been watching the news, you will see that maybe you should have been listening.

If you are worried, please come to the small workshop I am running called WILD – EAT YOUR WEEDS.  March 15th, 2pm to 4pm.  Once you know what is growing under your feet (that costs nothing), you will feel marginally more secure.

I know that Coles can close its doors for a couple of weeks and I will survive with hardly any changes, after a month I will have to go further afield for food, but IT WILL ALL BE FREE.  There is so much food around that I have been having to give it away.  I have starch from bunya nuts, honey from my bees, greens from the garden, flour, pasta, rice, frozen and jammed fruit, heaps and heaps of food all just waiting to be eaten – and I don’t have to shop.  It is fabulous.

What will you be doing if Coles runs out of staples?  I know what I will be doing – just being me.

I do have a recipe book on Etsy I did years ago called “Windfalls and RosePetal Jam”.  I am updating it now.  It was how to make something out of nothing and eating well from simple garden produce.  Even using your rose petals.