We had a fabulous teacher training day today, and one of our students brought a BUNYA NUT for each of us.  Keeping in mind that the nut is the size of a big pineapple, it was quite a gifI am exploring different ways to use the nut, although I am told Bunya pesto is terrific.  I am working towards that so will let you know.



This photo above is of (half) the bunya nut.  I put a wine bottle in there so you would have an idea of scale.  It is big.  The nuts are the size of large walnuts, and the whole Bunya Nut is the size of a large pineapple as I said above.  And with spikes.

I am busy making RoseHip wine,  The Bunya into pesto, Walnuts into pickled walnuts and walnut sauce, mead, kombucha and Rhumtopf (vodka/brandy topf”).  I also made Hare Rillette – hare cooked, shredded and preserved in spices and fat.  They will all be in my new cookery book, which I am thinking of publishing a chapter at a time so you don’t have to wait.

I am making new pendulums, and pendulum boards.  They are beautiful.  You can have a board made especially for you.

And, I have received a new shipment of our good oil.  CBD is of course illegal for human consumption which is probably why 50ml costs $75 from me and $700+ from  the medicos…  There are quite a few happy puppies around town, even my cat is happy and relaxed.

Hope to see you in class.  Please get onto the YouTube videos and Etsy www.myyogabooks.etsy.com.  There is lots new to see.

Namaste, Jahne